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Data Is Everywhere: Leveraging Your Corporate Data’s Value

Are you ready to stop ignoring the data your business generates and finally use it effectively to optimise business processes and redefine problem-solving? Start learning the skills to run a data-driven business this week by signing up for EIT Digital’s Data Science for Business Innovation course.

Photo: In total, it’s four half-days of classes that will take place online / Credits © Le Wagon / Unsplash 

With the increasing flood of data, there are promising potentials for companies. However, most of these potentials have not yet been exhausted. Many companies are still blind to the value of the data they generate. And this is despite the fact that the possibilities offered by intelligent data generation and its interpretation have long since ceased to be a secret.

“Knowing about and understanding data can bring value to your company. It can help you optimising business processes, building knowledge, improving customer experiences, increasing brand awareness or any objective your company may have”, says Marco Brambilla, full professor and the lead of the Data Science Lab at Politecnico di Milano, who developed the course Data Science and Business Innovation for the EIT Digital Professional School.

His course, which is aimed at executives, project managers, business or IT architects, is designed to help participants understand the importance of data for their business: They will learn what data their company already collects and what they can do with it. “Even if you do not have the tools to apply huge data science projects, you still have to position your company in a market with a growing number of data-driven competitors. That is why you need to know what data science is about”, states Brambilla.

The course starts by laying a foundation in data science, including big data, machine learning, data exploitation, and communication. In addition, participants will learn technical nuances such as scalable cloud-based computational platforms, NoSQL data models and technologies, as well as map-reduce and analogue platforms. “That means you will know what people mean when they talk about Machine learning, predictive analysis, and for example, image recognition”, explains the professor.

You’ve been meaning to acquire these skills for a long time (but keep putting it off)? You may have a little more time for further education due to the upcoming summer slump? Let’s go then! There are no excuses this time.

With the Silicon Luxembourg discount code “Sillux_20” you will save 20%.

The first opportunity to take part in this course is 15 June. In total, it’s four half-days of classes that will take place online and will be rewarded with a joint EIT Digital / Politecnico di Milano digital certificate of completion.

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