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Digital Inclusion

Date of creation:

February 2016


Digital Inclusion asbl
41, Rue Charles IV
L-1309 Luxembourg



Phone number:

Please email to be called back



Social networks:


Decision Maker:

President : Patrick de la Hamette, Dr. sc.

Number of Members:

4 employees, dozens of volunteers

Field of activity:

Philanthropic organization, non-profit, social-IT startup

Elevator Pitch:

Our goals:
1. Make information technology accessible to everybody
2. Promote social inclusion through digital technology
3. Take action for the environment


– Delivering free (recycled) computers to people in need in Luxembourg
– Creation of social workplaces in circular economy (refurbishing electronics) and teaching
– Free computer support for people in need
– teach digital skills to migrants and refugees
– Offer volunteering activities in IT and empowerment for unemployed people and for refugees
– IT services for other social projects
– Social inclusion activities with locals and refugees
– Intercultural makerspace
– Raising awareness for digital connectivity to become a civil right
– Additional training for women-only
– All our services are free

Key figures:

– More than 1000 computers refurbished, in June 2016-October 2017 – more than 10 tons of electronics recycled
– All refugee families in Luxembourg have a computer via us (newcomers now receive almost in real-time)
– All our employees were refugees and/or unemployed
– We collaborate with private&public sector, IT and social organizations

Leverage your network. Meet entrepreneurs. Grow your business. Join the club and help build the future. We set up the first private business club for tech innovators, where individuals, startups and corporates can meet throughout the year at a series of dedicated events, including conferences, workshops and after-work events. We gather the best of the best entrepreneurs that Silicon Luxembourg’s network has to offer. Join the club and help build the future.

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