Do You Love Travelling? Great, So Do We! Test Clickbye App

Have you ever spent 5 hours looking for somewhere to go on holiday, or a hot minute organizing a quick getaway with your better half? Have you ever given up on a trip because what you found just didn’t fit your dates and budget?
by: Noah Gomez
photo: Clem OnojeghuoUnsplash

Don’t worry, you are not the only one, and this is why we are so excited to test Clickbye at the next Test my App event, on the 28th of May.

Two years ago, Nessim Medjoub struggled through this same frustration while trying to put together a nice getaway with his partner. They agreed on dates and a budget range to go somewhere sunny and warm. All he needed to do was find a flights departing from a neighbouring airport and a reputable hotel – how complicated could it be?

After spending the whole afternoon working on this short trip and finally bringing together all the necessary information, he shared his frustration with his colleagues. Nessim realised he wasn’t the only one fed up, so he decided to tackle this issue for himself and for fellow travellers. He created Clickbye, an application that has already helped more than 50,000 people search for and find the right destination, on the right dates, and at the right price.

Because travelling is sharing, and sharing is caring, Nessim has a new release coming out shortly. “We are organizing this Test my App event to contribute to making the customer journey an amazing experience for each of us, to help people find where they are going even faster, and all this in the easiest way possible”, says Philip Grother, founder of Test My App.

“Be a part of this great adventure. Come and join us at Maison Breedewee on the 28th of May for this exciting event, during which there will be some nice surprises for travel junkies, some tasty Fox Beers and photoshoot from a pro, Patrick Osterblad!”, concludes Philip.

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