Docify Moves Beyond The Legal World 

Simon Joly, co-founder and CEO of Docify. (©Docify)

The last time you spoke with Silicon was a year ago. What major developments has Docify undergone since then?

Over the past year, a lot has changed. Our team has grown, and so has our client list. More importantly, we have improved our technology and developed new features. Thanks to the positive and constructive feedback from our existing clients, we are able to continuously enhance our technology and expand our range of solutions to address the real challenges faced by professionals in the financial sector. 

Initially, we helped our clients automate the production of their legal/admin documents. Today, we also support finance, compliance and operational teams creating numerous opportunities for automation across different departments. 

Furthermore, we are currently developing a brand-new product specifically designed to meet the needs of financial sector players in Luxembourg, aimed at improving and simplifying project management through workflows.

In April 2023, Sienna Investment Managers, which manage over €30bn in assets, adopted your solution. How did this affect your business?

Positively, of course. Each new client signing is a victory that allows us to accelerate and grow. Sienna trusted us last year, and many other key players in Luxembourg and abroad have chosen our solution as well. Our solution is widely used by investment funds, which make up the largest portion of our clients. Additionally, family offices, law firms, private banks, and operational companies are also among our valued clients.

Docify supports businesses by automating legal and administrative tasks. Which of these benefits have received the most attention from your customers?

To be honest, there isn’t one benefit that stands out above the others. Over the years, we have developed a solution that is now very comprehensive. Some of our clients use Docify to enable one of their teams to produce legal/admin documents, while others adopt our solution across the entire organisation to track projects and improve collaboration for drafting, reviewing, sending, and signing all kinds of documents.

Where are you currently located? Do you have any plans to expand soon?

We are currently located in Hollerich, in brand new offices. Our team is growing rapidly, and yes, we are continuing to expand. We have several open positions as we need to enlarge our team to meet the increasing demand from our clients.

What other plans do you have for the second half of 2024?

As mentioned earlier, we are developing an entirely new product. During the second half of 2024, our development team will be focused on perfecting it, while our sales team is working on promoting it. With this new product, we are moving beyond legal aspects to become a multifunctional solution that can be utilised by all teams within a company (finance, accounting, administrative, compliance, etc.).

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