E-Learning Platform CHANGEx To Launch

The consulting firm MindForest is launching its e-learning platform dedicated to change management. Aimed at change managers, project managers and CEOs, the application is operational since March 15.

Photo: To celebrate the launch, MindForest will organize a webinar to present the tool on April 20 / Credits © Wes Hicks / Unsplash 

In one month, MindForest, the change management consultant, will launch CHANGEx, its e-learning platform.

The e-learning application will provide change managers, project managers, CEOs and department heads with tools and practices to manage their change projects autonomously and more effectively.

Originally designed for small and medium-sized companies, CHANGEx will now be available to organizations of all sizes and activities.

“The initial goal was to provide them with solid expertise and effective tools, without putting a strain on their wallets. However, as the months went by and we thought about it, we realized that larger organizations could also benefit,” says Guy Kerger, co-founder and CEO of MindForest.

The tool will include course modules, assessments, contextual examples, templates, methodologies, support cards, checklists, and practical content and features based on feedback from MindForest consultants.

“CHANGEx users will even be able to be certified, and inform their professional network, thanks to a system of digital badges issued upon validation of a certain level of learning,” adds Aurélie Poncelet, delivery manager & change management consultant at MindForest.

“We are in the process of setting up a network of European partners who will use this platform in their environment…”

European deployment soon

The platform was developed entirely in-house, by a multidisciplinary team including project managers, experts, a designer, a motion designer and a web designer.

Initially available in French, it will be adapted for European deployment: “We are in the process of setting up a network of European partners (Portugal, Switzerland, Germany), who will use this platform in their environment, for their customers, in a complementary manner and with their own services,” says Guy Kerger.

For its launch on April 21, MindForest will organize a webinar to present the tool, and to review its operation, its contents and its learning possibilities.

Founded by Guy Kerger and Nico Hoffeld in 2000, and based in Luxembourg City, MindForest is a consulting company specialized in change management, in the Grand Duchy and internationally.

The consultant assists companies in their organizational transformation projects, in improving their performance and competitiveness, as well as in the sustainable development of their business.

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