Easy Tips For A Cool Instagram Feed

Have you scrolled through Instagram and stopped time after time to admire the put-together feeds of organizations and companies, only to then tap back to your own profile and felt a little bit less fascinated? Don’t worry, you are not alone with this problem.

Image Credits: Maddi BazzoccoUnsplash 

While Instagram may feel like an easy platform for picture sharing, to build a professional-looking yet modern and unique presence is harder than just uploading the images.

Is it worthy to invest on Instagram?

eMarketer estimated that Instagram is going to have 1.074 billion users worldwide by the end of 2021. The platform already has over 1 billion monthly users and during the Covid pandemic, its registrations increased by 22.9%.

Unlike its sibling platform Facebook, Instagram is still popular within the younger generation under the age of 35 as most of the users fall into the category of aged 25-34. The new hit app TikTok (29%) only barely takes Instagram (25%) out as the teen’s preferred social media platform.

And even more important, people are on Instagram to purchase. According to the statistics by Facebook, 72% of Instagrammers make purchase decisions on Instagram.

Additionally, Instagram is a cost-efficient advertising platform where you easily reach the potential audience without cutting a hole in your budget.

Create a branded look

Before starting to do Instagram, get back to your brand manual. Is it designed by keeping an eye on the social media platforms? If not, take the key elements and implement them in your Instagram strategy. Remember that your brand image is supposed to come across recognizable through every channel you use. Get to know your brand in a new way. Is it serious, adventurous, or maybe boyish?

Stick with your colour theme

Once again, get back to your brand manual. Pick up the colours chosen for your brand and start implementing them on your Instagram feed. Find a way to repeat the colours to create a harmonic feed. Should every picture consist of something of the brand’s key colour? Should every other picture be with a text overlay? Are phone photos alright? Remember to repeat the same visual style you use in other channels, whether digital or not. Consult a social media specialist or a graphic designer to get help with this – the euros spent will pay themselves back!

Edit your images

You would never use unedited images in your other marketing material, so why would you do so on Instagram? Change your mindset and start to think of Instagram as a catalogue where everything needs to fit in together. Make sure the images are clear and easy on the eye, and that the whole feed has the same theme. If possible, let a professional edit the picture in advance. And whatever you do, do not turn to the premade filters Instagram offers to you – unless that’s your carefully made branding choice.

Use people in the pictures

Despite travel and food pictures being great, people are naturally drawn to other people. Instead of a picture of a coffee cup on the office desk or a dress hanging on the hanger, try using those in the same picture with an actual person. If possible, have shooting days within your team to create a photo bank of your own!

Let people swipe

In 2021, carousel posts, meaning the swipeable posts, worked best on Instagram. Create content that allows people to swipe right to see and learn more. This allows you to add more information on your content. Try adding infographics, numbers, even short press releases. Instagram users don’t just look for nice pictures but insightful, informative content instead.

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