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First Name/Last Name:

Elias Chbeir


[email protected]

Phone Number:

+352 621 18 24 62

Url of the blog/company:


Social Networks:

LinkedIn | Twitter


After having acquired highly technical, architecture and analytical expertise during his early professional years, Elias Chbeir managed teams and projects onsite and Offshoring to India; I have a large experience in that domain, with several travels to India and more than 200 FTEs managed there in different fields such as Business and IT Strategy, IT Governance, Transition Management, Software Testing, Collaboration and Document Management, ecommerce, Process Management, Project Management etc.

Elias is a hands-on leader that can understand business objectives, translate them into a fit-for-purpose strategy and then manage their implementation into adequate solutions. He created his own company in 2018 “ELIAS Luxembourg” to support small and medium sized companies in their digital transformation strategies and projects.
Elias is also a board member in start-ups where he actively contributes into their growth, whether through his leadership skills and experience or by engaging them within his large network in Luxembourg.

Elias is also part of LBAN – Luxembourg Business Angels Network.

Last but not least, Elias is an occasional speaker in conferences around Europe (Berlin, London…).

What I’m looking for:

I am looking to exchange experience with like-minded people. I’m also looking to grow my network as I have started my own company less than a year ago, so I look to partner with startups to help them grow and I look for small to medium sized companies that are looking to reshape their strategy in digital transformation or related projects.

What I can offer to the community:

I have a large experience in different IT sectors but also in Business. I can provide presentations, guidance/coaching or articles around different topics such as but not limited to (what comes to my mind quickly…):

  • Defining and implementing IT Strategies, how to tackle and what are the pitfalls
  • Artificial Intelligence: articles that address large audience and not technical
  • Document Management and how it can help in going digital, but also its challenges
  • Offshoring to India; I have a large experience in that domain, with several travels to India and more than 200 FTEs managed there…
  • Application Testing: Forget traditional useless testing and go for Exploratory Testing coupled with Mind Maps. Don’t forget Automation in testing which is crucial
  • Policies, Processes and Procedures…. Done so much on this topic and I’m member of ILNAS in Luxembourg (ISO documents).

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