Emotion AI Startup Empath Wins The 4th Edition Of Pitch Your Start-Up Competition

The 4th edition of Pitch Your Startup—powered this year by Docler Holding, the Luxembourg City Incubator, BIL, nyuko, EY, Luxinnovation, the LHoFT, EAEC and Silversquare—took place on May 15th! Fifteen startups from all over the world were selected, including 5 of incubated locally in Luxembourg.

The 15 startups selected represent a wide range of technologies, including foodtech, medtech, AI, behavioral finance, machine learning!

Check out the formidable 15: VR Pole, Inkspired, Digifood, Aveine, Neuroprofiler, Byblos, Innosphere, Empath Inc, Edoo Education, Mu Design, Sniffy, Hopes Luxembourg, Teliportme, Eyeware, and Bubo Technologies.

Innovation and diversity were the main themes of the 4th edition of Pitch Your Startup. The 15 companies participating this year all presented viable solutions and products that meet real market needs.”

And the winner is…

The big winner of Pitch Your Startup is the Japanese firm Empath The eastern startup took home a €50,000 prize, two seats in the collaboration space at the Luxembourg City Incubator (LCI) as well as the Luxinnovation “Innovation Service Package.”

Innovation and diversity were the main themes of the 4th edition of Pitch Your Startup. The 15 companies participating this year all presented viable solutions and products that meet real market needs. Empath Inc. stood out as a unique startup with strong potential,” said Marton Fülöp, COO of Docler Holding.

Empath champions a vocal AI technology that can identify emotion from vocal patterns in real-time, regardless of language. Emotions such as anger, calm, joy and sorrow are detectable with Empath technology – something of interest to many fields, researchers, and organizations.

Empath already has clients worldwide (in over 40 countries), but now has clear intentions to enter the European market. They have chosen Luxembourg as “the right place to do it,” declared Hazumu Yamazaki, Empath’s CSO, on stage. During his pitch, the CSO did not hide Empath’s ambitions to be purchased by Google! Empath certainly has a bright future ahead, with a presence now in Luxembourg.

Two other startups were on the podium: Sniffy won the BIL Innovation Award with a €20,000 prize, and Mu Design won the Best Pitch Award with a €10,000 prize from EY as well as the Uncle Sam Award from LuxFactory.

Five other startups also took hold of the spotlight…


LHoFT offered three months of Hotdesking in its building and a year of membership to Neuroprofiler, a French startup specialized in behavioral finance and machine learning.


TeliportMe (see below for a description) received a three-month acceleration program from nyuko.


Silversquare will provide flex desks in their open space to three French startups, Aveine, the creator of a smart wine aerator, Digifood, who is developing a catering order machines for stadiums and concert halls, and Innosphere, who is currently doing intensive R&D on a brain device treatment to cure ADHD.

Focus on the Luxembourg startups…

Five startups based in Luxembourg pitched for 3:30 minutes on stage. Here is what you need to know about them.


Winner of the Fit 4 Start Luxembourg this year, Hopes maps, analyses, and optimises the energy consumption of your business. Hopes wants to give the power back to the consumers. “Today’s technology needs to help solve tomorrow’s problems,” declared the founder on stage.

Hopes has developed a smart algorithm to reduce energy consumption to consume in a sustainable way and at a reduced price. Through an energy monitor, Hopes uses and analyzes the data generated to match demand with supply. Hopes has started its work in the hospitality industry and intends to cover any areas where high consumption of energy can be reduced.


Launched in 2013, TeliportMe is one of the largest platforms capturing and sharing virtual reality (VR) content. It is a combination of computer vision and artificial intelligence. Their SAAS product “Realitypipe.com” is a publishing technology that allows large scale publishers to publish VR content ( such as 360 videos/photos and 3D models) etc. on their website, mobile apps and head-mounted displays. TeliportMe relies on its community to take pictures of their surroundings allowing regular updates of the maps.

Following their participation at the Spring 2017 session of Fit 4 Start, TeliportMe now has headquarters in Luxembourg, at Luxinnovation.


Edoo Education has developed a mobile education solution providing a software and a hardware content solution. Edoo’s mobile solution is an easy-to-use technology to facilitate student’s learning life. Edoo’s content is evolving, working currently with a graphist, coming from Pixar, to develop world class animations to increase student attention and comprehension.

Edoo has done a successful field test in rural Tanzania for 2 years and had recently signed a 10 years contract with the government of Myanmar to educate their teachers and students.


Mu Design’s founder is a designer that decided to create design objects with limited technologies. The first product is ULO, a surveillance camera with alert mode and live stream functions. But, overall ULO is a pet owl that can interact with you through eye expressions, and that can be placed everywhere in your home as a design object. Mu Design intends to develop new features to increase ULO’s use, such as detecting fires, notifying falls of elderly at home, calling the police in case of intruders, and more.

With solicitations received from over 700 distributors, ULO will certainly be the first Mu Design product of many more to come!


This new, Luxembourg-based startup promotes human fulfillment by a multisensorial communication device! How? Sniffy has created the first 5D screen for multi-sensorial communication “to improve trigger and memorization of the emotion behind the magic of the customer experience.” Through Sniffy’s technology, the consumers can smell products on screen, creating sensorial emotions that will lead to a purchase…or not! Domains such as advertisement, entertainment and data management can benefit from this data. Also, Sniffy’s audio, visual and olfactory system is able to record the reactions of those who perceive a fragrance, and then provide valuable data for product design teams.

Sniffy’s ambition is to have its multisensorial experience used in malls, perfumeries, public transportations, and so on. Can you smell success?

Photo: Hazumu Yamazaki, Empath’s CSO, on stage with PYSU’s jury members © Docler Holding)

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