Empowering Young Innovators: National Finals Of Mini-Companies

“Learn entrepreneurship” is the vision of the association Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg led by Stéphanie Damgé (Photo © Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg)

On June 8, 2023, the National Finals of the Mini-Companies will take place, where the best teams of the year will have the opportunity to showcase their projects.

Out of over 90 participating teams at the beginning of the year, 16 finalist teams will first present at a fair in the Kirchberg Shopping Center and then pitch their projects to a jury at Kinepolis Kirchberg. Both the fair and the presentations are open to the public, and aspiring young entrepreneurs are excited to receive any support.

The Mini-Companies program organized by Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg offers students aged 16 to 19 the chance to learn how to turn a business idea from concept to reality. By challenging students to solve a problem in their community through a commercial enterprise, the program ignites their entrepreneurial spirit. Throughout the school year, students gain hands-on experience managing their own company and discovering their talents, passions, and interests.

The involvement of volunteers from the business world, who share their experiences and serve as mentors, allows students to gain a better understanding of career possibilities and the skills required in the job market. Some even begin to consider entrepreneurship as a potential career option.

The Mini-Companies Finals mark the culmination of a year of commitment and investment by over 90 mini-companies, who have had the opportunity to gain their first entrepreneurial experiences.

16 finalists

“What I like and what motivates me the most is to see these young people grow during this year of the Mini-Company programme. They are confronted with making decisions, solving problems, and managing a team and their project, but they also face all the challenges that come their way. When we see young people thrive, then our mission is accomplished. These young people inspire us, their teachers and their coaches with their energy, enthusiasm and insatiable curiosity. This exchange is very refreshing and rewarding, allowing adults to see things differently and to be inspired by the new generation”, says Stéphanie Damgé, CEO Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg asbl.

Find out more about the finalists online: AquaCycle, Beachtime, Beeluxe, Bëssen Wëssen, de Muppesnack, HappyPets, Holzkäpp, HolzTriwweler, LTBELO, LuxLight, Luxtopia, MELLY’S, Muppstery, Snout & Paws, Spray Away, VisionWood.

A Fair and a Public Choice Award

Starting from June 1, 2023, you can vote for your favourite among the 16 finalist mini-companies through a form available at the end of this page. This is a chance to support your preferred team by casting your vote for the Public’s Choice Award. Additionally, one person selected at random among the voters will win two cinema tickets. On June 8, 2023, starting from 10:00 AM, you can also visit the mini-companies’ stands at the fair to discover the students and their products or services.

Presentations in front of the public

You will have the opportunity to witness the young entrepreneurs presenting their mini-companies live at Kinepolis Kirchberg. The 16 finalist teams will pitch their projects to a jury consisting of 12 professionals from the world of work and education, as well as to the public. Join us on June 8, 2023, at 3:30 PM (start of the presentations) in theater 10 at Kinepolis Kirchberg!

Don’t miss this opportunity to support and encourage the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow during this exciting Mini-Companies Finals. Register now.

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