Emprendeduros Launches VC Fund With Tokeny

Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny (Photo © Tokeny)

Emprendeduros, the top business media and entrepreneurship podcast in Spanish, launched their tokenized VC fund with the Luxembourg tokenization platform Tokeny.

With a staggering weekly listenership of 800k to 1.2 million, Emprendeduros has established itself as an important and trusted source of business insights and expert opinion. Now that it is seeking to invest in promising businesses within the community through its VC fund, the fund has adopted a tokenized approach, allowing the participants to participate with a minimum investment amount of $500.

“Our goal with this VC fund is to not only help our community invest in promising businesses, but also to bring them closer to companies and create a sense of ownership and belonging,” said Rodrigo Navarro, co-founder of Emprendeduros.

By using Tokeny’s technology, Emprendeduros allows investors to easily and compliantly hold digital fund shares directly in their digital wallets. The fully automated and digitized process makes it easy for eligible investors to participate from anywhere at any time, while also enabling Emprendeduros to efficiently manage and communicate with all investors.

“We are thrilled to be working with Emprendeduros to tokenize their venture capital fund. The value proposition of securities tokenization becomes clear when targeting and managing a large number of investors who want active portfolio management,” commented Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny.

To bridge the gap between the Emprendeduros community and the businesses it invests in, it is looking to create brand ambassadors among its investors and listeners by featuring these on its show and keeping them up to date on the latest developments. This will give listeners the opportunity to learn more about the companies as well as the investment process.

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