Enovos Supports The Energy Transition Of Companies

To enable companies to continue their fight against global warming, Enovos is constantly expanding its range of services aimed at facilitating the energy transition, while supporting the Luxembourg government’s policy within the framework of its national climate and energy plan.

Based on the objectives imposed by the European Union, and consequently on those of the government’s Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan, Enovos is developing new services in energy efficiency, ecomobility and carbon offsetting, while offering subsidies to finance and build a greener future.

On a day-to-day basis, Enovos also works to raise awareness of small actions that, when applied on a large scale, can make a big difference to the environment. Turning off your computer at night instead of leaving it on standby, turning down the heat when the office is empty, taking a bike instead of a car to travel a few kilometers. These are all habits that are easy to change and that would help build a green and sustainable future.

The group is going even further, since it has a “Renewable Energies Luxembourg” department that is already thinking about the sustainable energy sources of tomorrow, by developing, building and managing energy production plants based on renewable resources. A sector in which investments are essential to ensure a greener future for us all.

The goals are clear: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% (compared to 1990 levels), to increase the share of renewable energy to at least 32% and to improve energy efficiency by at least 32.5%, but also to achieve a ratio of 25% locally produced green energy by 2030.

Enoprimes, grants to encourage energy renovation

In 2015, to invite companies to participate in this transition, Enovos launched the enoprimes program. Based on consulting and obtaining grants for energy renovation or industrial process improvements, this programme makes it possible to limit the amount of investments and to amortise operations even more quickly, while offering its beneficiaries complete and customised support for major projects. In addition, this aid can be combined with that provided by the State or granted by the municipalities. In six years, Enovos has distributed nine million euros in grants. Don’t wait any longer and easily simulate the amount of your incentives on enoprimes.lu.

Ecomobility with enodrive

In recent years, electromobility has been booming in Luxembourg, where at the beginning of 2021, sales of electric cars overtook diesel vehicles with 32.4% of new registrations. If state subsidies of up to €8,000 are certainly a major factor, the recent CO2 tax on traditional fuels and the current health crisis – with the resulting environmental awareness – are encouraging more and more companies to equip their car fleets with green vehicles.

Moreover, to make life easier for eco-drivers, Enovos has developed its enodrive offer. Available free of charge on iOS and Android, this mobile application lists more than 180,000 partner stations throughout Europe. Its users can thus have access to an entire European e-Roaming network and, of course, to the entire national network of Chargy, Chargy OK and the brand new SuperChargy charging stations that recharge your car battery in record time. Thanks to this app and to a collaboration with carefully selected Luxembourg leasing agencies, business trips by electric car, anywhere in Europe, are now possible and more than ever synonymous with peace of mind. For more information, visit enodrive.lu.

Offset your carbon footprint with Eno4climate

Directly or indirectly, each company emits greenhouse gases. However, they can be measured and reduced or compensated for, thanks to eno4climate. This Enovos service offers advice and expertise to help companies offset their residual emissions and reduce their environmental footprint, while offering to support the development of sustainable projects implemented around the globe. Thus, eno4climate experts, in close collaboration with the energieagence, help companies to measure their CO2 emissions in order to implement concrete actions and then, through the principle of compensation, propose solutions to neutralise residual environmental impacts by reducing them elsewhere on Earth. In other words, companies can support innovative projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions around the world. This solution is fully in line with Enovos’ general philosophy. For more information, visit eno4climate.lu.

Editor’s note: This article is brought to you by Enovos and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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