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Entertainrr Makes Its Début In The Grand-Duchy

UK based Global ticketing & event concierge Entertainrr launches in Luxembourg, with the aim of revolutionizing & consolidating the event industry under one roof right from ticket sales, artist bookings & sponsor integrations, Entertainrr is here to disrupt the traditional event industry. Check out their latest news below!
(Featured Image: Anshul Gupta, Founder of Razr Tech  the company behind Entertainrr / Image Credit © Silicon Luxembourg / Olivier Minaire)

One of the main obstacles for event organizers, artists and sponsors is discovery. It can be very difficult to find the right fit for your event, and even harder to book them. Entertainrr streamlines the discovery process by putting it all in one place – the Entertainrr platform.

By doing this, the startups helps three core groups of people: Event Promoters & Promoters – the platform helps them sell tickets, book artists and arrange sponsorships which they will benefit from; Artist, Managers & agencies: – Artists can list and promote themselves through our platform and get more Bookings; Sponsors, brands and corporate clients: – the startups helps them find sponsorship deals, and sell more through the event organizer. Through the platform and all its unique features, the platform becomes digital managers for these groups. The aim is to help them achieve their goals.

“Any event today requires sponsors & ticket sales to succeed, we see a lot of niche events happening in the near future with millennials as the target audience”

With the launch of ticketing (other features to be LIVE soon) first in Luxembourg and rest of European countries to follow, Entertainrr’s cutting edge tech helps organizers in many innovative ways. The platform supports a variety of events right from registration, time slot, group events, allocated seating etc.

Entertainrr has a unique split payment feature- where organizers can directly attach their stripe account and cash-out from daily ticket sales from day 1 onward. This helps them in maintaining cash-flow and not waiting till the event is over to cash-out like other ticketing platforms.

Backed by Tomorrow Street, Entertainrr is the ticketing platform behind the mega-event Arch Summit happening on May 3rd-May 4th 2018.

Any event today requires sponsors & ticket sales to succeed, we see a lot of niche events happening in the near future with millennials as the target audience, we as a platform are here to offer – a data structured analysis & 360 marketing to help you garner maximum ticket sales,” explains Anshul Gupta Founder of Razr Tech Sarl  the company behind Entertainrr.

Entertainrr is an end to end ticketing platform offering an event entry app, a robust back-end & intelligent AI driven analysis, dynamic 3-D seating perfect for concerts, organizers can up sell add-on’s, run email/google & Facebook campaigns.

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