Equality In Technology Is For Everyone

The new edition of our magazine is out. For this issue, we have collaborated with the WIDE association and the Ministry of Equality to bring you the best initiatives, trainings and events in Luxembourg along with inspiring portraits of student and women entrepreneurs in technology.
by: Charles-Louis Machuron
photo: Studio Polenta
featured: Silicon Luxembourg magazine

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When the WIDE team asked me last December to publish a magazine dedicated to stories about women in tech, I believed it could be a great opportunity to bring to fruition a desire I’ve had since the first magazine issue in 2016: to highlight women entrepreneurs and leaders. eLfy, Géraldine, Donatienne, Polina, Mathilde, Genna, and Anne-Catherine can testify to this!

I feel honoured to have worked with Marina and her team at WIDE for the launch of this issue. Part of our role in society is to continue to foster positive change, build communities and challenge the status quo. Of key importance to us is removing stereotypes, championing equality and building a strong workforce of females in technology. At a personal level, I want my daughters to have the same chances males have to succeed and do what they love in their lives.

The women I have had the good fortune of working with in recent years have been sources of inspiration and have demonstrated extraordinary abilities to realizing their dreams, becoming entrepreneurs or pursuing high-level careers and I wanted to include some of that in this edition.

I hope that we get to a day where this is no longer a conversation we need to have, but unfortunately, it still is. While some progress toward an equal state has been made, we have some way to go. This edition explores statistics and insights on girls’ and women’s achievement and participation in technology and STEM and offers new ideas for inclusivity in these fields.

The magazine is available starting today via our online shop, in the mailboxes of the Silicon Luxembourg Business Club members and partners, tomorrow during the Lëtz Go Equal in Digital conference and from Friday in all newsstands in Luxembourg. Next week, it will be available in all places frequented by (young) entrepreneurs and startups. Get your copy now!

Enjoy the read.

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