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Europe4StartUps wins the “Outstanding Contribution To Luxembourg ICT” award during the IT One Gala 2013

On December 4th evening was held the 7th edition of the IT One Gala, at the New Conference Center of Luxembourg. This annual event organized by IT One, the reference platform for IT in Luxembourg, gathered more than 600 people for a ceremony rewarding the best initiatives and professionals of the Luxemburgish ICT sector. In this occasion, Europe4StartUps (E4S) was awarded the “Outstanding Contribution To Luxembourg ICT” prize.

An award recognized throughout the whole ICT Community

The IT One Gala is an event which punctuates Luxembourg’s ICT life each year before Christmas, gathering all the decision takers and managers of the Luxembourgish ICT sector. Like every year, IT One organizes a competition to elect the most inspiring ICT initiatives and people. In this respect, E4S applied for the “Outstanding Contribution To
Luxembourg ICT” prize. The jury in charge of choosing the winners was composed of experimented and recognized ICT professionals of the Luxemburgish ecosystem. The different winners were revealed during the Gala dinner, and E4S won the “Outstanding Contribution to Luxembourg ICT” prize, for which EBRC and PWC were competing as well. The award was presented in front of the 600 dinner attendees. It does represent a real accomplishment for the E4S NPO, which was launched only a year and a half ago.

A success driven by strong commitments

The path has been long and sinuous to reach this consecration, as E4S had, as any young organizations, to face different challenges and overcome them in the best possible way.

The success relies notably on the commitment of the Rabbit Team, especially Hélène Michel, President of Europe4Start-Ups, who launched the NPO and has been working for its development for more than two years now, structuring the Program and making it more and more renowned, with the view to bring it to a high level of excellence. E4S was also able to balance its reasonable resources thanks to the strong involvement of the E4S Partners, to whom the NPO would like to address great thanks. From the beginning, E4S has been strongly supported by Gary Kneip, CEO of DATA4, who brought in his experience and willingness to help setting up such a project. E4S works closely with EY as well, and the collaboration has been fruitful so far “As a close partner, we would like to congratulate the Rabbit Team for the work done and we express, once again, our pride to be involved in such a rich program offering startups, promising eBusiness and multimedia companies the services they need to boost their ventures in Europe” says Bart Van Droogenbroek, EY Tax Partner.

Finally, E4S wouldn’t be E4S without all the StartUps benefiting from the initiative (visit the E4S Community on www.europe4startups.com/village), which constitute the cornerstone of the Program. Next year, E4S aims at keeping on improving the service package to precisely fit with the needs of the startups being developed, and hope that the key ingredients of its success will still be there to pursue this fantastic venture.

“I am very proud to receive this award! Europe4StartUps is based on an innovative support model, and this award highlights all the work done so far to raise awareness about this brand new initiative. Very special thanks to the Rabbit Team for their passion and dynamism, the StartUps Community for their commitment, my Partners (and especially Gary Kneip) for their trust, and finally to the IT ONE Jury for their support.
Are you ready for the next Chapter? See you next Year, and Happy Holidays!”
Hélène Michel, President of the Non-Profit Organization

Thank you very much!
The Europe4StartUps Team

About E4S
The Europe4StartUps (E4S) Non-Profit Organization is the first initiative of this kind in Europe. Based on a win-win relationship, its business model is both dedicated to Luxembourg’s IT Ecosystem development and to helping the selected companies to develop their activities quickly and in a sustainable manner. E4S is a real One Stop Shop for any digital company willing to expand its ventures in Europe: the E4S Program offers 12 months of complementary services for free to support any eBusiness company development. The total value of the package amounts to USD 100,000 for each selected company. 16 months after its launch, E4S has already helped 18 startups, what confirms that the E4S model has strong assets to advocate to companies, and able to implemented in a short timeframe.

Find more details about the service package at www.europe4startups.com

PRESIDENT: Hélène Michel
CONTACT: Thibaut Ciccone, Community Officer, [email protected]

Photo: Gary Kneip, CEO of DATA4 Luxembourg, with the Award and Thibaut Ciccone, Community Officer, Europe4StartUps

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