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Politicians, entrepreneurs, service providers, health care workers… us. A few hours before the vote on the new law in Luxembourg and the promulgation of the new aid for companies (see our article New economic measures in place for companies), SMEs and the self-employed, the House of Entrepreneurship gives us a lowdown of the broad outcomes the aid will have.
by: Charles-Louis Machuron
photo: Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

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The COVID-19 pandemic threatens the world with disaster. But the crisis also offers governments and enterprises to undertake changes and potentially boost the global economy’s long-term growth potential. I feel honoured to have worked with the fifteen founders who have contributed to this edition as a result of having to adapt overnight. They share their respective experiences of this first fortnight, their anxieties, the challenges that await them personally and professionally. Antoine, Bert, eLfy, Gaëlle, Genna, Gilles, Gosia, Himadri, Hinde, Johnny, Kevin, Luc, Marzio, Raoul and Tom : Hang in there…

The number of local initiatives that have sprung up in the last few days has pleasantly surprised us. You’ll find them listed in this edition. We also take this opportunity to review the exceptional launch of a medical teleconsultation system the Doctena team was able to pull together in just a few days. This has gone on to create enormous capacity for additional consultations. Telecommunication companies are also caught in the eye of the storm and we spoke to The Orange Luxembourg team to understand how it has had to cope with the exceptional traffic on its network. And, finally, in order to overcome this period, we need to keep our spirits up. We asked a psychologist for tips on how to organize ourselves and make the moment as positive as possible.

Where there is life, there is hope!

This article is a short introduction to the new Silicon Luxembourg magazine (special Covid edition “Hope”). Download now.

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