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ExoAtlet Is On A Mission To Build Europe’s Ecosystem For Exorehabilitation

ExoAtlet, a leading technology company in the field of exorehabilitation, recently set up their headquarters in Luxembourg. After establishing their presence in Asia, Russia and the US lead by CEO Ekaterina Bereziy the company is now on a mission to build a new ecosystem of Rehabilitation in Europe, with Luxembourg being at the heart of it.

Photo: Being vertical as opposed to sitting in a wheelchair changes children’s physical processes in their bodies / Credits © ExoAtlet

ExoAtlet develops and produces a range of different robotic technologies, including bionic exoskeletons i.e wearable recovery devices that are designed to assist patients with locomotive impairments to their lower limbs.

By actively seeking out partnerships with research centres across Asia and Europe, ExoAtlet is not only able to continuously improve their own products but is also playing a key role in advancing research in the field of exorehabilitation, the combination of exoskeleton training with other rehabilitation methods such as physiotherapy to make it possible for people with disabilities to walk again).

ExoAtlet’s exoskeleton devices have been used by over 5000 patients to date. What truly motivates the team to push forward is the positive impact that their products are making to people’s quality of life.

“After only a few training sessions with exoskeletons, our pilots are not only happier and more confident but their cognitive abilities have also improved. For example, we have seen cases of children with cerebral palsy, whose speech has improved significantly. This is because being vertical as opposed to sitting in a wheelchair changes their blood circulation, increases lung volume and improves their lymphactic system as well as other physical processes in their bodies. This leads not only to a better health condition in general, but also to a significant reduction in depression and better life quality. That’s huge. That’s why we are working very hard. To bring these quality changes into people’s lives”, says Ekaterina Bereziy, CEO and founder of ExoAtlet.

Since its launch in 2014, ExoAtlet has already developed a worldwide presence with their devices in more than 70 establishments. But towards the end of 2019, the company decided to move its headquarters to Luxembourg.

“One of the ExoAtlet’s main goal is to drive hi-tech healthcare by building an ecosystem for exorehabilitation in Europe.”

This strategic decision was mainly driven by the fact that Luxembourg is actively supporting companies in high tech digital health. It therefore seemed like the perfect place to be to enter the European market.

The team at ExoAtlet have been impressed with the guidance and support they have received to date from Luxinnovation and the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg to help them strengthen their presence in the Grand Duchy.

Despite the unusual conditions over the past few months, ExoAtlet has been growing very actively in Luxembourg, discussing potential partnerships and collaboration opportunities with universities and research centres and adjusting their pre-sale campaigns by leveraging the power of digital.

Aside from growing their product line and opening an ExoGym in Luxembourg, one of the ExoAtlet’s main goal is to drive hi-tech healthcare by building an ecosystem for exorehabilitation in Europe. This includes partnerships with European research centres, hospitals and retirement homes to advance research in the field, collaborations with universities to train upcoming physical therapists in the use of exoskeletons.

Over the last three years ExoAtlets’s educational symposiums have been attended by over 600 medical specialists and researchers. This year the company is launching its online educational platform exoedu.lu, which will provide medical specialists and researchers with the latest scientific findings and access to a wider network of hi-tech driven healthcare providers and scientists all year round.

ExoAtlet has been collaborating with leading EU and US researchers on brain-controlled interfaces and they are announcing their first series of webinars on Neurointerfaces & Neurorehabilitation e.g. “From Basic Science to Practical Application”.

Editor’s note: To learn more about ExoAtlet and discuss partnership and collaboration opportunities in research, physical therapy education and rehabilitation, you can contact Julia Vas.

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