An Alternative Space For The Circular Economy

Launched in 2018, Facilitec is a multi-purpose alternative space in Esch-sur-Alzette where entrepreneurs, creatives and collaborators get together to build a more sustainable society.

Transitioning towards a more sustainable economy requires the participation of everyone. That’s why the association Transition Minett decided to create Facilitec, a collective space which supports a bottom-up ecological transition.

Open to anyone wanting to participate in the ecological transition, Facilitec welcomes all associations, informal groups and individuals motivated to make an impact. Meeting people and having an exchange of ideas and competencies is central to the ethos of Faciltec.

“The main idea of the place is to create an atmosphere where all kinds of people are mixed and make connections together and create the community of Facilitec,” says Caroline Holz, coordinator at Facilitec.

Facilitec houses all sorts of rooms. Not only does it have co-working spaces, it also has meeting rooms, a shared atelier, a place to relax and a kitchen.

“The place is shared, self-governed and all users are part of the decisions and actions taken at Facilitec.”

Caroline Holz, Coordinator at Facilitec

A Circular Approach

Facilitec aims to put circularity at the centre of everything. This starts with the building and ends with the people who work there.

“The building was renovated with the ideas of the circular economy. The windows, heating, and many other items are recuperated from old buildings and all the furniture is all second hand. We also recuperated as many construction materials as possible for the renovation,” says Caroline.

Now that the renovations are over, the values implicit in the circular economy are shared by the community at Facilitec.

“The place is shared, self-governed and all users are part of the decisions and actions taken at Facilitec,” explains Caroline.

Its Own Incubator

Facilitec has its own incubator called CoBees. It provides eco-entrepreneurs with shared services, learning tools and access to a co-working space for a maximum of two years. This gives them the time to develop their project or startup in a controlled and secure manner.

Not even five years old, Facilitec has already changed a lot. Initially focussed on entrepreneurs, it is becoming more and more about the local environment and the people who live there.

“At the very begining, the community was very much based on entrepreneurs. Now, it is becoming more and more rooted in Esch and some of its neighbours and more local entrepreneurs are getting involved,” concludes Carole.

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