Fast & Curious Interview: RoomMate

A few weeks after announcing its seed round, let’s meet up with the team of the startup which fights for promoting apartment management for tenants and landlords.

Photo: RoomMate’s team in Belval, Luxembourg’s tech hub / Credits © RoomMate

Tell us more about your startup.

RoomMate is an Accommodation-as-a-Service platform digitizing rental management processes for medium-to-long-term landlords, property managers and real estate professionals.

You were part of the 8th cohort of the Fit 4 Start program. What did you get out of it?

The Fit 4 Start program contributed to our company pivot. Thanks to the program and the coaches, we understood what was going well and what was not. There, we met Philip Grother, who was our mentor and ended up working alongside us after the acceleration program.

What are the latest features (and benefits) of your app?

The unique combination of our platform for landlords & property managers and and our app for tenants allows to:

  • automate rent collection, via the app
  • e-sign lease agreements
  • have an all-in-one solution for communications, deadlines and maintenances
  • automatically generate the comprehensive insights report that allows landlords to better manage and grow their real estate portfolio. More than saving our landlords time and money, this will allow us to continuously add value to our clients in the years to come.
You recently completed a seed round. Why did you do this fundraiser?

We know we are disrupting our market. To be the first, we must have speed. Speed on the go-to-market and in product development (see article RoomMate’s journey to a successful €475,000 seed round).

And, what will the funds be used for?

This round will allow us to structure the team and to expand in our key markets. We are actually hiring now. We also need to get ourselves out there with great marketing and business development efforts, because if you have the best product in the world and no-one knows about it, it’s all for nothing…

The PropTech market is booming, what are your ambitions?

PropTech is on a rising wave. Our goal is to become the main hub for apartment management, allowing landlords and property managers to automate their daily operations with a 360° approach.

You are from Italy and part of your team is coming to Luxembourg. Will this be your new base to expand internationally?

Luxembourg is the perfect HQ for us. In the heart of Europe and with a vibrant startup ecosystem, this is the right place to be. This is the place we can make things happen.

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