Filedgr: “The Future Of Digital Documentation With Blockchain Technology”

Filedgr Team, from left to right: Harry Lars Ghillemyn, Robert Stebler , Kim Dinse, Dr. Eric Falk, Julien Choveton-Caillat, Amir Sultan Malik. (© Filedgr)

Filedgr, a platform leveraging blockchain technology, addresses the critical need of security, transparency, and reliability by providing a decentralized storage layer that works in lockstep with blockchain networks.

Unlike traditional blockchain systems that can only attach small pieces of data to transactions, Filedgr allows users to attach large and diverse data sets, including images, videos, documents, and pertinent information that can be documented and verified, reducing the likelihood of disputes and errors. The idea for Filedgr was born out of CEO Dr. Eric Falk’s personal experiences.

First, a minor car accident where the lack of proper documentation forced him to bear the repair costs. Second, a mix-up during the renovation of his apartment where incorrect tiles were delivered and installed before the mistake was discovered.

These experiences underscored the importance of having a foolproof system to document agreements, deliveries, and transactions accurately. “I thought to myself how this can happen if we have the technical means to really have a full proof and trustworthy system, to really document steps, to protect consumers and companies alike,” said Dr. Falk. Filedgr is designed to solve documentation issues by utilizing blockchain’s inherent transparency and security.

Digital certificates and NFTs 

A standout feature of Filedgr is its creation of digital certificates in the form of unforgeable websites contained within NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These digital certificates can encapsulate an arbitrary amount of data streams, providing comprehensive and immutable documentation for various applications. “For example, an NFT of a car, with the link to its website, with its information of data transactions corresponding,” said Dr. Falk. 

A digital certificate for a car could include details such as value, mileage, location, and specifications, all accessible through an NFT. The amount of data streams that could be attached are endless. 

Use cases and applications 

Filedgr leverages NFTs to revolutionize the automotive industry by creating a comprehensive and immutable record of a car’s history. This method replaces the current fragmented and unreliable systems, such as the multiple VIN report websites, with a single, transparent source of truth. By consolidating vehicle history data into one trusted platform, FileLedger enhances transparency and reliability, providing a more robust solution for both buyers and sellers in the automotive market.

Current customer of Filedgr include Aurel & Axel in smart farming, and Carbonauten, a company operating a pyrolysis factory, to document the precise amount of biomass processed and the resultant CO2 credits.

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