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Fintech A352 Launches Cloud-Based Financial Management Solution Financial Navigator

The Fintech company A352 launches Financial Navigator, a cloud-based software solution that simplifies and optimises financial management for Mid-Caps and SMEs. Supported by the Luxembourg government, the software promises increased transparency and reduced risk exposure for A352’s clients.

When a thorough market analysis revealed that there was a lack of comprehensive financial management solutions, A352 decided to do something about it.

The problem the analysis revealed was that current financial management solutions were unable to fully cover the specialised needs of Mid-Caps, SMEs and financial holdings. Indeed, lacking was a solution that integrated both Treasury and Financial Management activities.

This had forced many of these companies to resort to manual work which slowed down business and, ostensibly, decreased employees’ enthusiasm. Additionally, manual work is often more error-prone and time-consuming than automated software. The time for a fully integrated tool seemed ripe.

“Many finance and treasury professionals seek to enhance and automate their processes to gain efficiencies and prepare their companies for ever more challenging market conditions. The broad feature set of the Financial Navigator and its excellent banking connectivity allows clients to immediately enhance their liquidity and financial management capabilities. We are eager to further advance our product and help the Luxembourgish financial ecosystem with our solution, says Dr. Jürgen Wolff, CEO of A352.

Built with experience

With more than 10 years of experience in the e-money industry, A352 was able to leverage its extensive network of knowledge and create a robust and scalable solution to fill the market demand.

CentralNic Group PLC, one of the world’s leading Internet infrastructure service providers, François Masquelier, the president of the Luxembourg Association of Corporate Treasurers (ATEL) and the Luxembourg government also lent a helping hand.

Interestingly, the Luxembourg government awarded A352 with the “StartupsVsCovid19” grant for working on a solution to increase the resiliency of markets. A352 was only one of 15 selected startups to receive this grant.

Going forward, A352, along with their supporters, wants the solution to end up being a fully integrated, cloud-based financial management platform hosted in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) setup, as the central point of financial management tasks.

Already chosen by CentralNic as their treasury management solution, Financial Navigator is another tool which promises to improve process automation, enhance forecasting, compliance processes, increase growth and – most importantly – help companies achieve their goals.

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