Blocktrade Raises €22 Million

Blocktrade, the Luxembourg-based Fintech signs off a Series A-funding from over 6.000 private investors and raises €22 million.

Photo: Blocktrade’s CEO Bernhard Blaha / Image Credits © Jordan Jayat

Blocktrade, a digital asset exchange company operating from Luxembourg, has announced a Series A-financing of €22 million from over 6.000 investors from 33 countries. In a press release, it claims that this represents “the largest crowdfunding investment in Luxembourg to date.”

The securities offering has received the green light of the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), Luxembourg’s regulator.

“With the raised capital, improvements have already been made in operations – particularly in the areas of security, fiat gateway and market-making – and significant growth potential has been identified in the securities prospectus,” explained Bernhard Blaha the Fintech’s CEO.

Startup crowdfunding support

“Furthermore, a broad-based B2C campaign will be launched in 2021 to increase the user base. B2B partnerships through which Blocktrade distributes white label features are also in the pipeline. In addition, Blocktrade is building a service that supports startups in regulated capital raising up to the establishment of a liquid secondary market.”

Founded in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) in 2018, Blocktrade is operating a crypto-currencies and crypto-assets tokenization and trading platform with information and overview services for brokers, fintechs, (neo)banks and investment firms.

The company was acquired in 2019 by Cryptix a Swiss provider of blockchain and DLT services. It was then funded in 2021 by an international group of investors, while moving its HQ to Luxembourg.

Its CEO Bernhard Blaha joined the company at the end of last year. He previously worked for Cryptix in Austria.

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