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First LUXKO Demo Day Showcased Eight Innovative Startups From South-Korea

The Korean technology ecosystem is attracting more and more attention, especially in Luxembourg. The same goes for Korean startups wishing to expand their activities in Europe and Luxembourg, in particular. The LUXKO Consulting company has made it its business and creates bridges between the two countries.

Photo: Seoul, 大韓民国 Credits © Yu Kato / Unsplash

LUXKO Consulting partners with COMMAX Venturus, accelerator based in South Korea and 2be.lu, VC fund based in Luxembourg to organize the virtual LUXKO Demo Day event series. The first one took place on October 22nd. The next two ones introducing more AI, IoT and Fintech companies will take place by the end of this year.

A range of Luxembourg-based experts joined the event and gave useful feedback from the University of Luxembourg (SnT), Technoport, Luxinnovation and the Chamber of Commerce. One-to-one business meeting were separately arranged and introductions made by LUXKO Consulting.

The event introduced the following eight startups from South Korea that are looking for expansion into the EU:

Nature Mobility: It is a car rental service company that uses AI and Big Data to match and provide car rental solutions to consumers.

Incizor: It provides AI based text analysis insights into the global stock markets news flow using technologies such as Factor Modelling, Optimization, Natural Language Processing & Understanding.

All Voice: Their online portal aims to connect the audio service industry with professional voice actors directly and reduce the communication gap that exists between them.

MedInTech: The company has developed an AI assisted endoscope technology that can automate diagnosis with just a single button press, while reducing the bulky equipment requirement and its associated costs by 60%.

NuviLab: It wants to reduce the food waste generated by the global foodservice industry using NuviScan, an AI based food scanner that can detect the amount and type of food in just 1 second.

WARP: Their AI based Audio Mastering solution aims to help entertainment industry professionals receive cost-efficient and stress-free audio mastering services.

Black Wider: They want to help pet owners diagnose health issues at an earlier stage with the help of IoT and passive RFID temperature sensor microchip that can be implanted to track the temperature and other activities.

Kangsters: Its patented technology “Wheelster Kim” is a cleaning device for manual wheelchairs that will help the disabled become stress free when transitioning from the outdoors to indoors. The company aims to provide other health and wellness products for the disabled.

Find out more about the event online.

About 2be.lu Venture Capital:

Luxembourg’s early-stage VC fund 2be.lu invested 1.1 Million Euros in the most innovative South Korean blockchain and fintech companies Streami, which owns one of the top Korean crypto exchanges – GOPAX. The deal was facilitated through the VNX digital asset investment platform powered by blockchain. The platform made it possible to connect investors with Korean start-up even amidst the pandemic.

About LUXKO Consulting:

LUXKO Consulting, based in Luxembourg is a business accelerator consulting company with strong roots in Europe and East Asia (Korea, Japan). It provides a global stage for innovative and technological start-ups to expand their businesses. If any Luxembourg based company wishes to expand to South Korea or Japan, LUXKO can support this expansion with its local expertise.

This article is brought to you by LUXKO Consulting and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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