Founder Institute Luxembourg Joins Forces With Founder Institute Amsterdam

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Stronger together: this could be the basis for this new collaboration that will open many new doors for programme participants. Both Founders and mentors will benefit from the resources of this international network. We asked Orkun Ozbatur, Director of Founder Institute Luxembourg to tell us more about the reasons for this merger.

Photo: receive a Silicon Luxembourg Fellowship to participate in the world-renowned startup launch programme / Credits © Shutterstock

You’re merging with FI Amsterdam for the next semester, why?

Running the Founder Institute programme virtually provides opportunities to reach beyond borders; in Founder Institute Luxembourg we like to look at things from the bright side, so we don’t want to miss this chance.

Founder Institute Amsterdam is restarting after being inactive for a couple of years. The new Amsterdam semester will also get support from Founder Institute’s HQ in Silicon Valley. We also worked with our connections in Brussels and Talinn to combine our resources to generate a larger impact.

The timing of both Luxembourg and Amsterdam semesters are very close to each other and there’s a great synergy between the managing teams. As a result, we decided to join forces in Luxembourg and Amsterdam Founder Institute for the next virtual semester.

What are the changes this will bring about?

In the merged semester, in addition to our mentors in Luxembourg, we will have mentors from Amsterdam, Silicon Valley, Germany, Estonia, Belgium, and other parts of Europe. This will be a great opportunity for Luxembourg-based Founders as they will benefit from diverse perspectives and experiences.

Luxembourg-based Founder Institute mentors will also have the opportunity to work with the Founder Institute based in Amsterdam and other European-based Founder Institutes. All in all, this will add a great value to the ecosystem.

What do you expect for FI Luxembourg this year?

Previous Founder Institute Luxembourg graduates, such as ChefPassport, Legal Finder, and Rejustify have started to emerge as successful ventures even though they are very young startups.

In 2021, we will continue supporting their growth and we will help more early-stage Founders launch new startups in the Luxembourg ecosystem. In the coming semester, there are already strong Founders which are ready to get the most out of the Founder Institute programme and launch or grow their startups to solve challenging new problems.

The Founder Institute Luxembourg is proud to offer the best applicants from the Silicon Luxembourg community with a fellowship to the Amsterdam/Luxembourg – Silicon Valley Virtual 2021 programme. Through this offer, anyone in the Silicon Luxembourg community can apply to the Founder Institute for free, and the best overall applicant for the programme will receive a Silicon Luxembourg Fellowship to participate in the world-renowned startup launch programme for absolutely free.

Follow the link and apply for the Silicon Luxembourg Fellowship.

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