Foundry, More Than An Idea

A new space for collaboration and entrepreneurship is coming to Luxembourg City. For creatives, for startuppers, for writers, for consultants, for mentors and more, Foundry is a community of synergistic professionals under one roof. Foundry program participants bring market-validated ideas and convert them into reality.

Nestled in the southwest corner of Luxembourg City, the first thing visitors will notice about Foundry is its centralized location. And yet, the space radiates with the quaint charm of Luxembourg’s typically-southern industrial buildings.

A spinoff of MasonBower, Foundry is in some ways an expansion of the former’s offices and activities. Whereas MasonBower serves large and mid-sized clients (with proven products and services) to help enter the European market through hands-on consultancy services, Foundry serves all businesses, including entrepreneurs and one-wo/man-shows in a way consultancy cannot: by supplying daily iteration and mentorship with specialists gathered under one roof.

More specifically, there are four categories of professionals in the Foundry community:

  1. Program participants apply to a rigorous go-to-market program after having obtained a proof of concept.

  2. Collaborators register their services to Foundry, who then vets that service for quality and match. Collaborators include lawyers, funding and operations experts, CSSF license experts, and more.

  3. Members are anybody who wish to use the Foundry space for their business needs, such as office space and hot desks and provide skills to the community. One of the more important member groups is creatives—graphic designers, writers, and more, who play a special role in the Foundry program.

  4. Providers are similar to collaborators and members whose offer is not business-critical but are important in making Foundry a desirable location. Examples include yoga, fitness, coaching, and mentoring.

“Foundry Luxembourg is the self-described first conversion hub in the world.”

Members must have a meaningful connection to Luxembourg, but don’t necessarily need to live in the country.

The skeptical reader might question what value brings these people together. The secret is twofold: a centralized network and a creative payment system. Program participants benefit from Mason Bower’s seasoned mentors, who benefit from the presence of community. Collaborators, members, and program participants benefit from the space and working closely with multiple clients without the friction associated with hunting new ones.

The Foundry community payment system runs through a central application. It works on the basis of credits that can be acquired through activity at Foundry or helping out those going through the Foundry program and can be used to offset fees for resource utilization, services from collaborators and members, and more (but you’ll have to attend the grand opening to see the rest). This payment system will make the flow of business and ideas smooth within the community.

Critics of coworking spaces say that the added value ends at cost optimization and a pleasant working community. Foundry seeks to provide a system of synergies that seemingly rotate on their own—a place where, together, each person converts his/her activity into something bigger, better, and more profitable. In this way, Foundry Luxembourg is the self-described first conversion hub in the world.

The Foundry program for converting business ideas into real strategies across marketing, operations, compliance, sales, distribution, and more, as well as the community of members, collaborators, and providers will open June 19th.

Anyone who signs up to work at Foundry on the 19th of June can register for a free trial during the month of June and join the Launch Party (also the 19th of June). Register here.

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