Geek Girls Carrots: a community for women interested in ICT in Luxembourg

This summer a new community for women interested in ICT has been launched: Geek Girls Carrots. Originally founded in 2011 in Poland, the mission of this community is to promote women in IT and help to educate them and inspire their pursuits. We asked Katarzyna Switalska (call her Casha!), geek girl and organizer of those events to tell us what this community is all about.

You launched Geek Girls Carrots Luxembourg in July, what is it about?

We launched Geek Girls Carrots in Luxembourg on 22 of July. The purpose is to promote and encourage women in IT.

We hold monthly meetings to share ideas, network and learn from each other’s experiences where we discuss topics related to the new technologies and careers in the field.

Each meeting consists of two parts: presentations by our speakers, and networking. We have no theme, focusing primarily on the selection of inspiring and interesting speakers.
Geek Girls Carrots also promotes coding via a couple of streams; Code Carrots and Django Carrots. In the New Year we are planning to roll out coding sessions on a regular basis.

What is the purpose of this community, originally founded in Poland?

Geek Girls Carrots is a community for women interested in ICT and who love new technologies. We bring together female admins, analysts, application architects, developers, graphic designers, IT managers, programmers, social media specialists, system architects, women with startup ideas, computer science students and many more.

It is a community for us to participate and act on our passions.

Geek Girls Carrots was originally founded in 2011 in Poland. Since then 190 meetups were organized with 405 speakers, 93 events and 79 programming workshops. Currently there are 66 organizers in Poland, Germany, USA, UK, Luxembourg and Australia.

The mission of our community is to promote women in IT and help to educate them and inspire their pursuits. We also want to motivate women to run their own projects and establish new technology related companies.

You organized the first meeting in July, how was it? Who were your first Geek Guests?

It was great. We had over 20 participants including men. We had 3 inspirational speakers: Genna Elvin (Chief Marketing Officer at TaDaweb), Christine Kaluza (Founder and CEO of My Keysolution) and Kasia Kolo/Kolodziejczyk (Co-founder of GenCreo).

Are you a Geek Girl?
Yes !J

More info about Geek Girls Carrots Luxembourg, click here.

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