Get to Know Luxembourg-Based Business Coach, Yurii Primush

Yurii Primush offers a range of techniques across both business and life coaching when working with his clients

Yurii Primush is a Ukrainian entrepreneur with a background in fintech. Now based in Luxembourg, Yurii specializes in coaching and self-development for entrepreneurs and business executives.

From launching a fintech startup to pivoting into business coaching

At the age of 19, Yurii started working during his university studies, and when he turned 20, he launched his first start-up. 10 years later, it grew into one of the most successful ventures in fintech, placing it in 4th place in the CEE region. Yurii says “I believe that this success was a result of a combination of a good strategic view, creativity, proactivity, scale of thinking, leadership, and managerial skills.”

When he turned 30, he felt it was time to leave the business and start a new chapter. He started to focus on personal development and ticked off some huge achievements, from doing an MBA, to years of psychotherapy, to travelling from Tibet to Peru, and becoming a certified life and business coach.

Once Yurii dipped his toes in the world of life and business coaching, he knew it was the path for him. He explains, “I’m passionate about coaching and self-development, and I believe that any society and organization can grow when its people grow.”

Yurii also noted that when he was the founder of his first start up and managed nearly 100 employees, he often wished he had a coach he could lean on to help him make big business decisions.

Making the move from Kyiv to Luxembourg

In 2020, Yurii’s partner’s work relocated them to Luxembourg. At first, Yurii was hesitant to make the move – he was concerned that the Luxembourg market would seem small in comparison to Kyiv. However, very quickly he realized how much potential there is in this country due to the government support for startups and entrepreneurs. “It’s a very exciting place to be – it’s well located, safe, and you have access to people. You can talk to anyone, at any event.”

Getting involved in the local startup scene

Yurii has embraced everything Luxembourg has to offer from a startup perspective. He has become a Mentor through the Venture Mentoring Service (VMS), which is part of the University of Luxembourg Incubator that helps the university’s entrepreneurs turn their ideas into a real business. He says, “I’m happy to be a part of this initiative and to help young entrepreneurs get the advice they need to help point them in the right direction.”

Yurii has also become a Member of Luxembourg Business Angel Network (LBAN), an organization that unlocks the potential of private investors and helps entrepreneurs to thrive, in Luxembourg and beyond.

How Yurii helps his clients excel

Yurii offers a range of techniques across both business and life coaching when working with his clients. He typically works with senior business leaders and executives who need support – whether that be personally or professionally. For example, he can help business owners with the negotiation process, or can support on more personal aspects such as how to deal with burnout or how to make a career change. Yurii supports his clients both in-person and online, making his services available globally.

To learn more about Yurii, visit his LinkedIn profile or his website.

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