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Get Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin With Naturévous

Have you ever dreamt of a freshly squeezed orange juice every morning, without having anything to do? We’ve all been there: waking up craving a fresh juice, opening the fridge but realizing that we forgot to actually buy the oranges, key element if any. That’s old story now, thanks to Naturévous and its commercialization of a machine as small as a Nespresso, where you only need to do one thing: press a button and wait 30 seconds. Your morning ritual has gained vitamin C just like that! Only available for small and medium companies, Naturévous intends to spread healthy break for all SMEs in Luxembourg. We met with Thierry Amougou, the founder of Naturévous to discuss oranges.
A small and design machine

In 2005, Naturévous’ story started as a distributor of freshly squeezed orange juice for big companies. “All companies have coffee or soda machines, but no freshly squeezed orange juice machine. Employees deserve to have healthy drinks and that’s how Naturévous was born!” explained Thierry Amougou.

Those first commercialized machines are pretty big and dedicated to big companies. “We now count a wide range of clients, from public institutions such as police, hospitals, governmental institutions, but also private banks” proudly said Amougou.

Such big machines were not tailored made for small firms. “More and more smaller enterprises began to ask for our service. That’s when we decided to look out for the best technology to also offer them fresh orange juice!”. The Naturévous machine is robust and design, and more importantly is really small so as to fit easily in a company’s kitchen or waiting rooms.

“Our client simply has to scan his phone in front of the machine and the web page of Naturévous opens up, allowing him to directly order more oranges.”

Fast, easy, healthy…

“Our principal objective is to provide the simplest machine ever, with basically only one button to press” declared the founder. Naturévous provides monthly offers that include the rental of the machine, the delivery of non-treated oranges, insurances and a replacement machine within 48H in case of problems.

“We deliver 60 kgs or 75 kgs of oranges a month directly at the company’s office, with carefully selected oranges that must fulfill 3 criteria: being non treated, with a degree BRIX superior or equal to 10 (sugar content) and a high degree of juice” said Thierry. Naturévous now counts more than 15 clients, with many more on the waiting list.

… and connected

“We developed this project for 2 years to find the perfect machine, and we now work with a machine manufactured in Spain. The machine has been modified to ensure an easy use” explained the founder.

Naturévous is all about facilitating the (healthy) life of company’s employees, therefore the machine has been manufactured with an electronic tag, that allows a quick delivery of oranges once the stock is low. “Our client simply has to scan his phone in front of the machine and the web page of Naturévous opens up, allowing him to directly order more oranges or declare a problem on the machine, if any” detailed Thierry.

(Photo by Vesela Vaclavikova on Unsplash)

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