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Bert and Rob Boerman, co-founders of (Photo ©

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the RegTech firm will open its House of Governance to market participants, clients, partners and more, during three days in June 2023, to take stock of the industry’s digital transformation., a low-code business process management platform based in Luxembourg and in Delft (The Netherlands), will celebrate its 10th anniversary next June.

Founded by twin brothers Bert and Rob Boerman after two years of research and preparation, the IT Services and Consulting company helps businesses in the asset management industry to optimize their processes including through automation in client lifecycle management, risk management and compliance operations.

The RegTech firm, which now employs 30+ people, says it aims “to transform the asset management industry, one process at a time.”

From 7 to 9 June 2023, it will celebrate its anniversary at its headquarters, the House of Governance.

“We are thrilled to celebrate ten years of innovation to help the asset management sector to digitally transform.”

Bert Boerman, Co-founder & CEO of

Over these three days, the firm will offer market participants, clients, partners, government supporters, thought leaders, and other stakeholders a chance to celebrate and take stock of the industry’s digital transformation.

“Key actions required for the industry to continue its digitalization momentum immediately and into the future to remain resilient and competitive will be discussed and showcased,” the Boermans announced in a press release.

“We are thrilled to celebrate ten years of innovation to help the asset management sector to digitally transform,” added Bert Boerman, Co-Founder and CEO of

“During the last decade, the industry has made significant progress, but there is still much work to do. To stay compliant, save time and money, and offer clients the best experience, going digital will be the new industry imperative in 2023. Especially against a more challenging macroeconomic backdrop that will require firms to rethink how they operate.”

Rob Boerman, Co-Founder and CTO of continued saying that “compared to ten years ago, when the industry was barely familiar with financial technology such as process automation, the industry now is more digitally mature. We are thrilled to be enabling an increasing number of financial institutions with adapted technology solutions for their specific use cases.” 

To join the celebrations, innovations, and thought leadership of the Open House of Governance, 7-9 June 2023, email the team.

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