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Governance.com And Apex Group Announce Global Digitalisation Deal

The time to digitalise banks has arrived. Made possible by the newly announced partnership between the financial services provider Apex Group and the award-winning process management platform Governance.com, the Luxembourg-based European Depositary Bank (EDB) is next in line to get the digitalisation treatment.

Photo: Bert Boerman, CEO and co-founder of Governance.com / Image Credits: Kaori Anne Jolliffe

You know times are changing when the most regulated sectors go digital. Through a new partnership and 5-year deal, Apex wants to improve the efficiency and security of its services, while observing full regulatory compliance.

To implement digital process management platforms and services, Apex has partnered with Governance.com, a low-code process management platform for regulated companies. Having developed automated solutions for client lifecycle management, corporate governance, risk management and compliance for the past 7 years, Governance.com seems like an excellent choice of partner.

“This new digitalisation partnership with Governance.com is indicative of our commitment to providing our clients with the widest range of services in the market, underpinned by the highest levels of regulatory compliance,” says Peter Hughes, CEO and Founder of Apex Group.

“Digital First” Approach

Digitalising EDB’s services lies on top of Apex’ “digital first” agenda. A subsidiary entity of Apex, the Luxembourg-based EDB engages in depositary duties, ownership verification and regulatory oversight, among other things. Succeeding in digitalising these will enable Apex to become one of the early adopters of FinTech in regulatory process management.

The global consultancy Alpha FMC is overseeing this process to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

“Working together with EDB and Alpha FMC experts to quickly deliver our low-code process management platform and solutions means Apex entity, EDB, can perform its regulated duties while serving clients in a more efficient way. We look forward to supporting the Apex Group to digitalise operations and services, one process at a time so that these are more cost-effective, efficient and secure,” says Bert Boerman, CEO and co-founder of Governance.com.

As digitalisation trends meet the most heavily regulated sectors, it will be interesting to observe how the efficiency and security gains are going to affect the consumer.

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