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GTChain.net, One Of The Top 10 Blockchain Initiatives In Luxembourg

Grant Thornton’s Blockchain as a Service, GTCHAIN.net, has been chosen to be one of the top 10 Blockchain initiatives in Luxembourg.

Grant Thornton Luxembourg Technology Hub’s Blockchain as a Service infrastructure GTChain.net has been chosen by the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum to be one of the top 10 Blockchain initiatives in Luxembourg. The project has been selected and listed in the European Blockchain Map, an initiative which was sponsored by the European Commission.

This European Blockchain initiative aims to accelerate Blockchain innovation and to promote the development of the Blockchain ecosystem within the EU. Their missions are to monitor blockchain initiatives in Europe, produce a comprehensive source of Blockchain knowledge, and create an attractive and transparent forum for sharing information and opinions in order to make recommendations on the role, which the EU could play within Blockchain ecosystem.

GTChain.net is a ready-to-use infrastructure and toolset to develop, test and deploy distributed applications and tokenization. GTChain.net, which was created in May 2018 is a corporate initiative dedicated to financial services, Fintech, KYC and AML initiatives.

It is a fully functional Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) for testing and creation of applications, well-defined use cases, proof of concepts, demos and examples for an easy start as well as for fast onboarding for new members. This provides a streamlined network that creates a reliable environment without an expensive setup, combined with a predictable operational cost.

Grant Thornton targets private and public institutions that want to explore, develop and test distributed applications and smart contracts on a ready to use Blockchain Infrastructure.

Also, GTChain.net provides a complete solution for companies that want to speed-up the implementation of the Blockchain proof of concepts, using predefined software tools and procedures, decreasing the development time and reducing the infrastructure costs such as servers, virtual machines, cloud services and Blockchain protocols implementation.

This service aims to complete the large range of Blockchain services provided by the Grant Thornton Technology Hub, from advisory to software development. A few applications have already been deployed on the Grant Thornton’s Blockchain as a Service, and we expect the number of applications and users to grow significantly in the up-coming months. Here are few examples of distributed applications deployed on the

GTChain.net Blockchain as a Service:

  • NOTARY DAPP – A plug & play notary application for any digital content, generating unique verifiable fingerprint, timestamped in a Ethereum blockchain with a date, time, and owner, without exposing its contents. We target institutions that need to track, control and manage authenticity, integrity, existence and ownership of digital content. The framework, accessible via the restful API or the web portal, can be used in different internal or external applications, such as: digital rights management, documents certification, documents notarization, etc.

  • CYGNATURE is a Blockchain based, secure, easy-to-use and feature-rich signing solution which enables signing contracts, invoices, work orders, and approvals, using electronic, digital or biometric authentication. The purpose is to complete traceability of the documents exchanged with customers and partners, but also to replace paper signing process, with a cost saving digital platform. We target companies that need to automatize the signing process by integrating the CYGNATURE solution in their workflows, using APIs or the web-based portal.

(Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash)

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