Hackathon at Luxembourg Tech School: A Promising Future

Artificial Intelligence is changing wealth management, but how? Sixteen students at the Luxembourg Tech School participated in a 2-day “hackathon,” hosted by PwC Luxembourg and supported by the LHoFT Foundation, ALFI, Digital Lëtzebuerg, FundRock, and BlackRock, to come up with an answer. With support from several major actors in the Luxembourgish ecosystem, including Geoff Radcliffe (BlackRock), Chris Edge (PwC), Ronen Tzur (Quantify), Revel Wood (FundRock), Susan Coleman (PwC), Laurent Denayer (UME), Diane Tea, Alina Golovkova (Allen & Overy), Olivier Zwick (Clifford Chance), the students prepared pitches. According to the jury, they offer great talent for the future. Check out some of the pictures!

About the 5 LTS Teams and Projects:

What is your Financial life map?
A financial education and fun game based on mobile app to test out life scenarios for making smarter decision later on. This solution lets young adult experience situations in safe environment.

How do you choose the right insurance for you?
A robot advisor for the insurance industry: it assesses clients’ risk profile based on demographics and financial information. Powered by machine learning, personalized and UX-inspired.

A mobile-based AI game advisor helping young adults to make financial decisions and control financial expenditures powered by Big Data prediction.

How to make saving fun, enjoyable and friction less?
A responsible AI Chatbot hosted by a messaging app providing an interactive multi-story adventure game.

What is your financial knowledge about life?
FinMan (or “Financial Manager”) is a financial board game, built up to entertain and improve the Financial knowledge of young people between 12 and 25 years.

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