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Please welcome the entrance of Belgium’s startup scene to this third issue of SILICON magazine, and to upcoming ones! From now on, every month we’ll feature the latest news from the Belgian tech scene thanks to our many partners, particularly Startups.be, the chief organization for the promotion of Belgian startups. According to Startups.be, over 1,500 startups are innovating in Belgium – nearly 10 times more than in Luxembourg – and there are 120 organizations offering support to entrepreneurs.

Why Belgium? Since the launch of the Silicon Luxembourg website three years ago, we have seen that, very often, the first country favored by a Luxembourg startup for international expansion is Belgium. It’s the largest economic area and nearby, we share a similar mentality and common language (in part), it serves as a second test market, etc. Belgian startups often consider Luxembourg as an additional, easily accessible target market with high purchasing power and a significant adoption rate. So, it seemed natural to connect the two ecosystems through a single magazine. In this way, the visibility of Luxembourg and Belgian startups benefit from greater visibility with support distributed on both sides – not to mention the exposure they’ll get in the 23 other countries where this magazine is delivered!


Take the example of Bsit, a Belgian startup conquering Europe. Donatienne and Geraldine launched the mobile application a year ago and are now counting more than 80,000 users in the four countries they’ve already seduced (Luxembourg included). That’s the magic of the startup world; being able to conquer new markets in record time to answer a need. We are really delighted that the two mum-entrepreneurs are on our cover for the very first Luxembourg-Belgium issue. They embody exactly the purpose of that deep link between the two countries. So close, so far.

An exciting new feature you’ll find right in the middle of this issue is the job supplement, with its cover designed by two very talented artists. More and more, startups are turning to Silicon Luxembourg’s community to find the talent they need. Nearly 80% of the job offers are for IT positions. We wanted to show that the sector is very dynamic and that there are many job openings. This is why we have created the job supplement and the Adopt a Developer event (keep an eye out for the picture report in our next issue!). If you are looking for a new job, perhaps you’ll find it right here!


Finally, we continue to innovate and evolve the magazine. We’ve introduced a new “world tour”column, which will take us on an international journey each month as we discover startups from around the world that all innovating in a single industry. First up is the beer industry.

Enjoy the read, and please send us your feedback! We cannot wait to hear from you.

This editorial was first published in SILICON

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