Helloboss, The New Referencing Platform For Webinars

The Supermiro team is acting on all fronts, after experiencing the complete shutdown of all mainstream events. Many have now turned to the organizing webinars. And, this is where Supermiro’s B2B platform, Helloboss, comes into play.
by: Charles-Louis Machuron
photo: Olivier Minaire
featured: eLfy Pins

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“Everybody wants to succeed, learn new skills for their jobs or create strong professional bonds for long term partnerships. With the lockdown and a new work-from-home routine, our habits have most likely been disrupted. We’ve however found the solutions for professionals who want to keep maintaining their activities.” says eLfy Pins, Helloboss’ CEO.

Since the beginning of the containment, the number of invitations to webinars organized by companies, institutions and administrations has continued to increase and accelerate (see our article “This Spring’s webinar boom and bloom“). However, the information is very widespread and these appointments are generally announced on a case-by-case basis by email, via a newsletter or a post on social networks. The algorithm developed by the Supermiro – and therefore Helloboss – team had to be completely redesigned and combined with manual event entries.

“Since the beginning of the lockdown, everybody started looking for these webinars on Facebook and through the 1000 e-mails. Naturally, this ended up in some online professional events not getting enough visibility: ‘really? The webinar was yesterday, how could I have missed it!’,” says the founder.

The platform that has been referencing all business events for a year now focuses on all webinars and online training courses. Companies are responsible for taking the lead and referencing these events to gain visibility and attract more participants.

All online events are recommended: marketing, HR, finance, and entrepreneurship… “From the entrepreneur that needs to learn “how to hack the crisis” to the HR manager who needs to teach to the employees “how to develop their concentration to be more productive”, Helloboss regroups different themes for various sectors,” concludes eLfy Pins.

Today, Helloboss already offers more than 50 webinars and 350 training courses. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best, prepare your calendar, and continue to keep in touch with professionals and learn from a distance.

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