Hexaforensics On The Hunt For Cybercriminals

An expert in digital investigations, the startup helps law enforcement agencies, cyber security consultants, lawyers, insurers, and private detectives to effectively combat digital attacks, while speeding up legal action for victims.

Photo: Benoît Champliaud, former ethical hacker and cyber security expert, CEO of Hexaforensics / Credits © Eric Devillet/Grand Hotel Cravat

At the beginning of January, Hexaforensics, the Franco-Luxembourgish startup specializing in digital investigation, launched Hexamine, an application dedicated to cyber-investigations.

The solution identifies and analyzes the practices and technologies of cybercriminals in their ransomware, phishing, and malware operations.

“The idea was born out of a simple observation,” recalls Benoît Champliaud, a former ethical hacker and cyber security expert. “The individual analysis of computers was time-consuming, tedious, and very expensive for both, victims and experts, which slowed-down investigations. Hexamine is a toolkit that facilitates and accelerates investigations, while providing victims with quick answers.

The solution can scan up to 300 computers simultaneously. The data collected on the cybercriminals, their location, and modus operandi is then compiled into an investigation report. All in 60 minutes.

For the purposes of investigations and legal action, a file, with all the evidence and exhibits, can then be sent to the relevant authorities, insurers, and lawyers, depending on the type of investigation.

More than just a cybercriminal search and reconstruction application, the solution also offers information verification features. Like details about criminals, for example, which can be easily taken over during the investigation by concerned companies or any other stakeholders.

A Preventive and Reactive Solution

Using a virtual wizard, beginners can perform all the operations of collecting and analyzing hacked computers. They can then pass them on to quantum experts. The tool also aids them through all the legal steps to follow.

“We intervene between the victim and the justice system,” explains Benoît Champliaud.

Exclusively reserved for professionals, and not for individuals, the solution can be used by law enforcement agencies. It is also aimed at cyber security consultants, lawyers, insurance companies, and private detectives.

Its vocation is both preventive – with the aim of protecting company assets – and reactive, with a view to finding cybercriminals and taking legal action.

Immersion in Crypto-Space

Launched in October 2020, Hexaforensics is hosted by Luxfactory. In addition to its digital investigation and software publishing activities, the startup also trains third to fifth-year students in the cyber-investigator profession with the ESTIAM school.

In 2021, its founder and CEO plans to set up a subsidiary in Rennes, the city with a center of excellence which is at the forefront of cybersecurity in France.

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