Hifi International Buys Back Used Devices Via A CircularX Platform

Hifi International is a historic brand in Luxembourg that specializes in household appliances and multimedia equipment. The company has launched a new service that enables customers to sell their used devices via the CircularX platform developed by Recommerce.

This platform is designed to give a second life to electronic devices by reconditioning and recycling them. Initially, smartphones, tablets, laptops, MacBook, and gaming consoles are the first products included in this initiative, but the service will extend to other categories of devices in the future. Hifi International is committed to promoting the circular economy, accelerating the reconditioning process, and minimizing environmental impact by reducing the production of electronic devices.

Hifi International’s customers can sell their used devices online or in-store by receiving an estimate of the buyback value. The initiative aims to address the issue of unused electronic devices in Luxembourg households, which can still have a commercial value. The company believes that by offering customers an alternative solution, it can reduce the overconsumption of natural resources and encourage more responsible environmental behavior.

The company is already working with Recommerce, an expert in reconditioning, to achieve this goal. Hifi International customers can also sell their products to the nearest store for the initial phase, which includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, MacBook, and gaming consoles. The company plans to expand the range of devices that can be sold, including small and large appliances.

Via the customised CircularX platform, Hifi International aims to provide an end-to-end customer experience, with its teams offering guidance on how to sell their used products in-store or online. Customers can estimate the value of their device and receive a gift card, which can be used to purchase new products. The company checks the devices’ conditions, whether they were purchased at a Hifi store or not, and will repurchase the device, providing the customer with a gift card.

Finally, the company also provides complementary solutions for devices that have no commercial value or are no longer functional, such as the Big Collect program, which facilitates the collection and recycling of such items.

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