House Of Startups, Here We Go!

It’s in, the new House of Startups just opened next to Luxembourg central station. Located at rue du Laboratoire, this new space of 6000m2 intends to be the laboratory of new ideas and the anchor point of the young startups of the city. By the way, have ever attended the opening of a startup accelerator by a Grand Duke and a Grand Duchess? Checked on our bucket list!

The gateway to the economy of tomorrow

Friday night, all the elites in the world of economics, politics and the startup ecosystem gathered to officially inaugurate one of the flagship projects of the city of Luxembourg. Led by the Chamber of Commerce, “The House of Startups is the 3rd floor of our rocket after the House of Training and the House of Entrepreneurship. We had not planned to announce the opening of another House of ____, at least not in 2018”, said Carlo Thelen, the director general of the Chamber of Commerce.

First mentioned three years ago by Nicolas Buck, the current president of FEDIL, the House of Startups must now convince and attract entrepreneurs to position the city of Luxembourg on the European scale of the tech ecosystems. “It’s up to us to prepare the new generation and reinvent our future,” said Michel Wurth, Chairman of the HoST Board and President of the Chamber of Commerce. This new international incubator at the heart of the capital — inspired by the famous Station F in Paris — has the necessary space to accommodate no less than 200 startups. Lydie Polfer, mayor of Luxembourg, also pointed out the multicultural nature of the city, which counting more than 160 nationalities and an excellent opportunity to spread outward into Europe from the Grand Duchy.

A building game

The House of Startups is the result of a tripartite combination of Luxembourg institutions, companies and entrepreneurs. It brings together in one space the LHoFT, which could be described here as the House of FinTech, and counts already 36 startups from 30 different countries, the Hub@Luxembourg (i.e. Village by CA), the incubator of the French bank Crédit Agricole and the first of its kind outside French borders, the International Climate Finance Accelerator (ICFA), nyuko, the entrepreneurs accelerator in Luxembourg city, the Luxembourg Open Innovation Club (LOIC), which today brings together 26 members and innovation managers of large companies, and finally the LCI (Luxembourg City Incubator), which will be officially inaugurated in September and where 18 startups have already settled. All of these actors now need to get along in the best possible way to ensure that all the initiatives fit together in a coordinated way. For the project leader and House of Startups director Karin Schintgen, “The House of Startups is the place to be, to start, and to innovate.”

Let’s make it happen!

Even if the cost of the renovation and building upgrades were not disclosed, some startuppers meating at the opening ceremony told Silicon Luxembourg that they were waiting anxiously to see the same amount now invested concretely in startups. “It’s good to build these kinds of spaces, but what we need most — other than offices — is fresh money to launch our projects,” confided one of them.

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