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Today, companies are facing a disruption in human resources. Before digitalization, finding and hiring people was a relatively “easy” task because job applicants would simply send their résumés and cover letters in large numbers to the human resources department. However, this is no longer the case. Companies now have to compete harder for the attention of potential talent and find more clever ways of getting them interested in applying. In other words, companies have to seduce potential talent. Moreover, our connected behaviors have changed how we think and act, as well as what we focus on. Therefore, companies have to rethink their strategies for attracting and hiring candidates.

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A hiring strategy involves various elements including promoting the employer brand and planning the candidate assessment process. Promoting the employer brand means sharing the culture of the company and being transparent and honest with the candidates. This is important to most job seekers and critical for making successful hires. The assessment process gives companies the opportunity to evaluate the skills of each candidate. It is not possible to think about a hiring strategy without taking into consideration the employer brand.

A game as a recruitment tool

A way to promote a positive employer brand is to gamify the hiring process. Why? Because everyone likes games. We all play games—just think about your loyalty cards. Don’t you want to have the last box on the card ticked and get a discount? We like games for the challenges, the lessons we learn from them and/or the experience we gain. The advantage of using games in the hiring process is that candidates can be themselves and have fun while applying for jobs. Applying game mechanics to the recruitment process helps to see the true nature of a candidate while at the same time giving the candidate a positive impression of the company.

How to level up your hiring process?

There are different ways to level up your hiring process, going from minimal to maximal gamification. The level of gamification a company is going to include in its recruitment process will depend on the company’s culture, its desire to innovate and the type of jobs it has open. A positive experience by a candidate will have a positive impact on the employer brand.

There are 4 possible levels of gamified hiring:

  • Level 1: an original job search

The candidates will usually get their first impression of a company when reading the job description. Therefore, do not hesitate to tailor the job description to the culture of the company and make it entertaining.

  • Level 2: serious games

To find the right people, consider using a serious digital game. For instance, L’Oréal implemented a virtual game named Reveal that allowed them to share open positions and detect potential talent.

  • Level 3: an innovative communications strategy

The recruitment process can be turned into a whole event. You can broadcast the company’s culture, products and services before, during and after the event on social media and in the press.

  • Level 4: offbeat personalized recruitment

To create an enjoyable hiring process for the candidate, your hiring strategy must be well thought through and executed. You have to take into account both the specific aim of your company’s strategy and whether candidates will have fun during the recruitment process. If you think the candidates will enjoy the experience, you are on the right track.

Gamification of the hiring process must be implemented with caution. If the candidates don’t enjoy the innovative recruitment approach they may be left with a negative impression of the company. As a consequence, it is important to be guided by an experienced game designer with human resources experience.

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