Improve The Mobility And Satisfaction Of Your Staff With Movesion

Spin-off of the University of Luxembourg and incubated at the University of Luxembourg incubator, Movesion Luxembourg is developing innovative software solutions to improve companies’ mobility management strategy. Get to know the startup led by François Sprumont.
by: Charles-Louis Machuron
photo: University of Luxembourg incubator
featured: François Sprumont

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What is your startup about?

Movesion Luxembourg is a smart mobility startup. Our goal is to help companies wanting to improve the mobility of their employees. Our digital solutions combined with our knowledge constitutes the best solution targeted at improving the mobility of your staff members.

How did you come up with the idea?

During my PhD thesis with Prof. Dr. Ir. Francesco Viti, we quickly realized the potential of proposing mobility management solutions to institutions in Luxembourg. Slowly but surely, our interest was growing. In 2018, we initiated, together with ACL (Automobile Club Luxembourg) the Mobility Management Training. Soon after, in April 2018, we decided to create Movesion Luxembourg, a university spin-off focused on transport & mobility.

“How many employees would still come to work by car if you increased the parking price?”

What are your products/services?

Our main solution is the Mobility Manager software. This web tool automatically collects data about the mobility habits of staff members, generates graphs, indicators & maps and, finally, and enables simulations that highlight the effects related to the implementation of mobility measures. For instance, tomorrow, how many employees would still come to work by car if you increased the parking price? We also offer services ranging from the implementation of a company-wide mobility web-portal to the guidance of specific measures (like parking policy, car sharing, etc).

What is your business model?

A significant share of our revenues is generated by the sales of our web software (Mobility Manager). We often propose to our clients to take up a one-year license so there is enough time for us to develop their mobility strategy. Movesion Luxembourg also provides consulting and training to companies keen to implement tailor-made initiatives.

“The next step is to go beyond Luxembourg and acquire clients from Belgium and France.”

Who are your clients?

Our clients are usually companies between 50 to 500 employees facing mobility challenges (parking availability, accessibility issues, etc.). An increasing number of companies contact us because they are committed to environmental objectives (CSR policy). Companies facing human resource challenges, such as attracting or retaining talent, also constitute a significant share of our customers.

What is next?

The next step is to go beyond Luxembourg and acquire clients from Belgium and France. In both France and Belgium the implementation of certain mobility management measures (travel survey, mobility manger) is mandatory.

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