Information Security Education Day (ISED) 2024: Ninth Edition

Dr. Anusha Moonshiram, presenting at ninth edition of ISED. (© Aurélie Couvidat/UniLux)

Co-organised by the University of Luxembourg’s Department of Computer Science and LIST, and sponsored by CLUSIL and SnT, ISED is an annual event dedicated to providing new knowledge on key topics related to security and privacy. It primarily targets current and former students of the professional Master in Information Security System Management but is open to all practitioners, including, Women Cyber Force, and the ISACA Luxembourg Chapter.

Presentations by leading experts in the field of AI and cybersecurity were on the agenda. Attendees were treated to  comprehensive presentations of the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities at the intersection of these two critical domains. “So we saw that today was very important, that a lot of participants, students, researchers, but also people from the market can participate and see what are the new knowledge and understanding on using AI and including cyber security,” said Johann Alessandroni, cybersecurity expert and team leader at Excellium Services.

Scholarship benefits

Former student Nancy Cao, who received her Master’s Degree in Information Management Systems and won the previous scholarship for her studies at the University of Luxembourg, was also in attendance highlighting the benefits of joining the organization. “The university program encouraged me to speak, to participate in events. I will still remain a member of the Women’s Cyber Force. I think it’s good that you have the opportunity, if you work in the field, and you have the scholarship. It’s for you and for everybody actually and just to showcase our commitment as women to this special sector,” said Cao.

“We’re living in a world where AI can manipulate emotions and mimic empathy so much that you might not know if you’re speaking to a human or an AI.”

Medhi Corneille Famibelle, AI engineer and lead data scientist at Akabi

AI threats have arrived

Medhi Corneille Famibelle, an AI engineer, and lead data scientist at Akabi, with extensive experience in the semantic analysis of social networks, was a featured speaker. His presentation, titled “LLM Adoption and Security Risk,” provided valuable insights into the challenges and considerations associated with integrating LLMs into organizational workflows.

He highlighted both the potential benefits and the security risks, offering strategies to mitigate these risks while maximizing the operational advantages of LLMs. “AI is everywhere, and it’s indistinguishable from human behavior, making it difficult to counter its threats. We’re not just projecting into the future, we’re living in a world where AI can manipulate emotions and mimic empathy so much that you might not know if you’re speaking to a human or an AI,” said Famibelle.

Protection against cyber threats

Johann Alessandroni, a cybersecurity professional with over a decade of experience, delivered an impactful presentation. His session, on how to manage cybersecurity issues and protect AI systems, focused on the challenges of developing guards and integrating cybersecurity measures. “I would say that it’s very important to consider cybersecurity in all sectors, in all industries, and especially with new technology such as AI, it’s very important to consider all elements related to the use of AI systems,” said Alessandroni.

Women leading in cybersecurity 

Dr. Anusha Moonshiram, an advisor at the High Commission for National Protection under the, delivered a compelling presentation. Anusha’s presentation, on the pros and cons of AI in cybersecurity, explored AI in cyberspace. She highlighted the rapid advancements in AI, the challenges posed by technologies such as deepfakes, and the potential of AI as a powerful ally in cybersecurity when managed ethically and securely. 

Dr. Moonshiram has mentored women in STEM through the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and founded the Intel Ladies Group to support women in technology, and is also the vice president of the Women Cyber Force . “We are 50% of the world, yet women are underrepresented in technical fields. As vice president of the Women’s Cyber Force, I’m here to help change that by offering scholarships and sponsoring this event to encourage more women to enter and feel supported in this field,” said Dr. Moonshiram.

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