Infrachain Mine For Tezos

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The Luxembourg-based nonprofit becomes corporate baker for the cryptocurrency blockchain platform, in partnership with Nomadic Labs.

Infrachain, the Luxembourg-based non-profit organization for operational blockchain projects, joins the Tezos blockchain ecosystem as a corporate baker (miner).

Tezos is a scalable decentralized ledger platform for developing smart contracts around the cryptocurrency tez (ꜩ, XTZ).

The non-profit manages a node on the latter’s platform. “Baking” is the term used by the Tezos blockchain network to sign and publish blocks on the blockchain.

Fundamental elements of the Proof-of-Stake consensus, these miners guarantee that all transactions in a block are correct, that their order is accepted and that there is no double spending.

The network is supported by Nomadic Labs, an R&D center of the Tezos ecosystem, which provides technical support to companies operating in France, Luxembourg and Belgium using blockchain for their business needs.

Based in Paris, Nomadic Labs brings together more than 50 research engineers working on the development and evolution of the Tezos protocol.

“For Infrachain members operating in the Tezos network, this is a step forward to ensure that their transactions are ‘baked’ in a selected node, i.e. Infrachain Tezos baker, and thus avoid contribution to unauthorized bakers,” said Dr. Adnan Imeri, Infrachain’s technical manager.

“Hosting a corporate baker allows us to contribute to the Tezos network by supporting the sustainability of the network. In addition, we offer Infrachain members the opportunity to learn more about the capabilities of the Tezos blockchain.”

Launched in May 2017 by several industry players under the leadership and support of Digital Luxembourg, Infrachain is a collaborative initiative of the Luxembourg government with a European scope to strengthen and guide the country’s digital efforts.

The non-profit aims to push the blockchain adoption curve by sharing expertise, participating in blockchain projects, disseminating information on operational use cases for blockchain, and creating an international ecosystem.

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