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Inside CES 2020, Day 3: Trends, Highlights And Anecdotes by Koosmik

Every day, Koosmik‘s team unveils the best moments of the CES from the inside. Through a mobile app Koosmik offers a free mobile-based financial services platform that allows both individuals and professionals to hold and manage an electronic account, real-time money transfers, process any type of payment, access a large network of partners and participate in a loyalty programme; a distinctive mobile banking experience from any connected device.
by: Koosmik
photo: Koosmik
featured: Village Francophone Pitching Contest at CES 2020

John Deere – Biggest tractor ever?

John Deere and tech. Two words that are usually not associated with each other. But at CES, everything is different. Deere displayed a self-propelled sprayer which includes cutting-edge technology and is fitted with an ultra-wide 120-foot carbon-fiber boom.

John Deere was also honored for its new 8RX Tractor in the Tech for a Better World category of the CES Innovation Awards.

Farming has coming a long way from horse powered hay-balers…

Sleep Number – Adjustable & Smart Beds.

What’s one thing we all have in common? We all need sleep. The more, the better. Sleep number understood that quality is as important as quantity.

Sleep Number’s new Climate360® smart bed creates a personalized microclimate that balances temperature and optimizes the body’s natural sleep cycles to intelligently analyze and physically respond to all aspects of sleep health and well-being.

Through an evaporative cooling process, Climate360® provides up to 12 degrees of cooling and can warm your bed up to 100 degrees (Fahrenheit). This up-and-coming company has been rewarded with a CES Best of Innovation award in the category “Smart Home”

Want a good night’s sleep? Get yourself a Climate360 smart bed.

Find out more sleepnumber.com

@Luxembourg Pavillon

On Fire! Ibisa, a next-gen agriculture insurance startup, has won 2nd place at the Village Francophone pitch competition (among more than 130 startups!) #greatjob #blockchain #twodaysinarow

Bad Beat! Everyone’s legs. Walking & standing around for 3+ days is physically draining. 1 day to go. We’ll make the best out of it. #no-pain no-gain #cesmarathon #legday(s)

A CES meme – by STOKR


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