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Integrate 30+ Social Networks Into Websites And Mobile Applications With OneAll

Turn your website and mobile apps social with OneAll‘s range of services. The startup home-based in Luxembourg at Technoport’s counts more than 250,000 websites and apps using its services. Which services? Social Login, Social Link, Single Sign On, Social Sharing, Social Insights… A single and consolidated API that helps corporates to save time and development resources and focus on their core business. Claude Schlesser, Founder & CEO of OneAll gives us more insights on the startup.

What is the purpose of OneAll?

OneAll is a technology company that simplifies the integration of 30+ social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Yahoo! and LinkedIn into websites and mobile applications. With OneAll you have the most powerful social features in a single solution with a standardized interface. We furthermore monitor the APIs and technologies of the social networks so you can be sure that your social media integration will always run smoothly and with the most up-to-date calls.

What are your products and services?

OneAll provides services like for example Social Login, Social Sharing and Single Sign-On. With Social Login your users can use their social network accounts to login and register with one click on your website or mobile app. By using Social Sharing your visitors can share comments, purchases, reviews and other activities directly from your website to their friends on multiple social networks. With Single Sign On users do not need to re-enter their authentication credentials when they switch from one websites to another website in your network.

Our API consolidates the most powerful features in a single solution and our turnkey plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla […] greatly simplify the integration process.

How many corporates use OneAll solutions, and why?

At the moment OneAll is used by more than 250,000 websites and apps worldwide, including small blogs, growing startups and large corporate enterprises. We also has some big brands like for example Microsoft and Nivea as customers. Users really love our services because they make it so easy to integrate social networks into their apps and websites. Usually the integration takes weeks, by using our services it takes only a few days and you do not need to do any monitoring afterwards – we take care of the social network backend and you can focus on your core business.

You’re located at the Technoport, how does it help you to develop your start-up and grow your business?

The Technoport is a great location for any startup. The office rate is really attractive and Esch Belval is a unique mix of places to work, study, research and live. Technoport gives us the opportunity to share business experiences and opportunities with the other start-ups and high-growth companies.

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