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An Interactive Entertainment Maker Scene Growing In Luxembourg

A few weeks ago 8 teams of pro-am (professional-amateur) game creators gathered at Technoport to form the Luxembourg participation in the biggest game hackathon worldwide. The Global Game Jam is a 48hrs of game creation challenge which has united for the 2017 edition 36,000 jammers in 702 sites across 95 countries. Over 7,000 games were created in one week-end.

This edition was the 4th one organised in Luxembourg. The event now gathers significant players of the game and digital creative industries in terms of professionals. Starbreeze Studio a AAA class gaming company had its local representative offering support for VR creation. The local serious game provider Imsim was also supporting the participants. The game industry is a transmedia field where digital creatives from graphic design, animation, film, music, games, IT development collaborate to explore new form of interactive entertainment. The local event was across the first editions gathering game enthusiasts. The participants profile is now more divers form the first editions and integrates a wider span of digital creatives such as professional musicians and illustrators.

The Global Game Jam is also an opportunity for game creators to test new technologies. Some teams have developed VR games and one team has created a game anticipating the arrival of new gaming console the Nintendo switch. The DX-Studio, new service of the Technoport incubator is providing a test bench for new interactive technologies. The technologies used in the game jams will be in a short future showcased at the DX-Studio and access will be provided to interested parties willing to test new digital entertainment devices. During the game jam, participants and visitors had the opportunity to test a one of the best VR car game simulator Project Cars Game thanks to the local representatives of the Slightly Mad Studios.

This year’s edition had the particularity of welcoming the junior game developers. Students of the Luxembourg Tech School had the opportunity of showcasing the games they have developed during a 12 weeks game development program. The purpose of a jam is also to foster awareness around the opportunities offered in the game and overall digital entertainment industry. Game education and training was promoted at this game jam. Representatives from the Lycée des arts et métiers introduced the future BTS dedicated to game training that will be launched soon. Since 2013 Game Jams are jointly organized by the Technoport incubator, and COIN (Comité d’Organisation des Interactivités Numériques). The fact-based statement that we can express after several game jams happening is that the interactive entertainment and particularly video game creation is locally promising. The overall value chain of the interactive entertainment is actively under consolidation. Regrouping educational actors, start-ups, SME and triple-A industry players.

Things to watch and discover:

A newly created game studio in Luxembourg (One Byte Studio) is launching its first game this year Beyond The Rubicon a tactical RPG on PC.

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