Interlinks: Bringing Circularity To Car Repairs

Ensuring the quality of the second-hand car parts will be paramount for the success of Interlinks (Photo © Unsplash)

Every ambitious entrepreneur hopes to bring something new to the market at some point in their career. With Interlinks, Luc Azilion, serial entrepreneur and mobility expert has taken matters into his own hands to make this happen.

“When talking about Interlinks, it is important to mention that we are 100% in sustainable car repairs,” says Luc Azilinon. “99% of today’s car repairs are made with new parts. Interlinks wants to change this and supply repairs with high-quality second-hand parts at a fraction of the price.”

While the idea behind Interlinks is simple, getting it off the ground has been demanding. Creating a new database that integrates the stock from reputable second-hand car part suppliers has taken him the better part of two years.

“One part of Interlinks consists of a digital platform where you can enter your car brand and find the right second-hand supplier for your broken car part and get in touch with them to organise your repairs,” says Luc Azilinon.

The second part of Interlinks consists in building the car centres that will specialise in these kinds of repairs. Currently, still under construction, Azilinon expects the first centre to be ready at the end of the year.

“100% Circular”

Ensuring the quality of these second-hand car parts will be paramount for the success of Interlinks. Having worked in the automotive industry for more than two decades, Azilinon has taken careful steps to ensure that only the best suppliers have been put in the database.

While Azilinon’s MIDAS centre focuses mostly on maintenance and small repairs, Interlinks takes care of it all.

“We are really talking about repairs, not just maintenance. Important repairs such as engine repairs and if you cannot afford very expensive repairs or want something more sustainable, Interlinks is the right solution for you,” Azilinon specifies.

Promising to save its clients up to 50% of the usual repair price, Interlinks has the potential to be an attractive solution for many.

On paper, Interlinks seems like a great idea, whose “100% circular business model” is very much in line with our times. However, Azilinon knows that convincing people to adopt an entirely new service will require time and effort.

“Even if people care about sustainability when the solution actually arrives you still need to convince people and explain to them how it works,” he says.

Fortunately, Azilinon is not concerned about this. Instead, he relishes the opportunity and is working hard to make Interlinks the number one provider of second-hand car parts in the region.

“People don’t often have the opportunity to create something new and bring it to market and actually change an industry. I have the feeling that with Interlinks, I have this opportunity. And this already is very satisfying,” he concludes.

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