Offers Free Job Ads In The Health Sector

As a jobsite, wants to contribute to the fight against the current pandemic by actively supporting hospitals and doctors’ practices in winning medically trained personnel such as doctors, nurses and nursing staff as quickly as possible.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
photo: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

For this reason, will publish all jobs that are needed within the health sector to combat the virus free of charge on for the next four weeks with immediate effect. In addition, will massively advertise the jobs at its own expense via all online channels.

Lack of personnel and an imminent shortage of care are currently presenting the entire healthcare sector with an unprecedented challenge. In particular, hospitals and medical practices in this special situation lack human resources.

There is a lack of trained personnel to care for the sick, especially in the area of intensive care. Medical officials are already warning of impending shortages. “Hospitals and nursing staff urgently need support now”, says StepStone CEO Dr. Sebastian Dettmers. “At the same time, medically trained staff and students are asking themselves where they can best help in their region. We want to do everything we can to bring these groups together as quickly as possible.”


Information on free job offers for hospitals, doctors’ practices and other organizations in the health sector can be obtained by mailing [email protected] or calling +352 27 99 27 98

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