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Job Today helps you find a job in a day

It’s an app to help job seekers find a job in a day, without even sending a CV or cover letter. The value proposition of Job Today could not be simpler.

Job Today is the best place for jobs in retail, restaurants and more. With it, you can find full-time or part-time employment wherever you are, whenever you want. Co-founders Eugene and Polina quit their jobs to embark on the adventure of launching their own start-up, after having advised numerous and run businesses in Luxembourg. The two Russian now set themselves the mission to touch everyone, every single day by using mobile technology to help millions of people find a job the same day. “Job Today is a revolutionary mobile marketplace that connects employers and candidates in seconds, 24/7, directly from their phones” explains COO Polina Montano. A job brings a pay check, but it also brings back self-esteem and dignity to people. This is what Job Today do, one job at a time.

The Luxembourg-based start-up headquartered at the lux future lab – BGL BNP Paribas incubator – first targeted Spain, a core market where the mobile app ranked number one in less than a year. The start-up is now expanding to more countries, as UK a few weeks ago and is doing so well, why stop?

The start-up focuses on hospitality and retail – service sectors faced with a high churn of staff. “Our sweet spot is a small or medium business owner who is looking to hire someone within hours. These are employers who are out and about the whole day: serving customers, dealing with suppliers, paying bills – no time to waste. Job Today is there to help”, they argue. Job Today provides an immediate and time-efficient solution for their hiring needs. The clear identification of the customers’ needs facilitated the app to conquer its core market.

The fast growing international teams are now based in Barcelona, Madrid, London and Luxembourg. “This is only the beginning. We are only one year old”, tell the co-founders. The tiny start-up ecosystem of the Grand-Duchy suits them well, as well. Luxembourg is a great place to start a company. Convenient location in the centre of Europe, great infrastructure, flexible legal framework. Our management team is based in Luxembourg and we are looking forward to move other departments of the company here as well”, confide the co-founders.

Backed by the world’s leading venture capital firms, the start-up made its ambitions clear. “Job Today was born both mobile and global. We want to help millions of people around the globe to find a job from the comfort of their mobile phone. We are now aiming at becoming number one hiring app for hospitality and retail globally!”

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