kodehyve Collaborates To Bring E-Signatures To Real Estate

Jean-Paul Scheuren, President of CIGDL, Fabrice Aresu, CEO of LuxTrust and Felix Hemmerling, Co-founder and CEO of kodehyve) (Photo © kodehyve)

In a promising milestone for Luxembourg’s real estate sector, the new e-signature platform, which was conceived in collaboration with the Chambre Immobilière, LuxTrust and AWS, ensures the highest level of security, stability and legal compliance.

As the Luxembourg real estate sector continues to digitalise, new solutions promising ease of usage and increased efficiency keep appearing.

kodehyve’s new e-signature platform is one of them. The platform which was conceived together with the Chambre Immobilière du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (CIGDL) and LuxTrust was created to “streamline and simplify the process of signing legal documents” says Jean-Paul Scheuren, President of CIGDL.

“With the suite of tools that our plug-and-play infrastructure platform already offered, developing a solution for e-signatures was the next logical step for us. We are more than excited to be able to now serve and empower the 250+ members of Chambre Immobilière in Luxembourg with a state-of-the-art digital tool that combines a smooth user experience with the stability and security of our partners Amazon Web Services and LuxTrust,” explains Felix Hemmerling, Co-founder and CEO of kodehyve.

“The e-signature platform developed by kodehyve and CIGDL is a great milestone for the continued digital transformation of an important economic sector in Luxembourg.”

Fabrice Aresu, CEO of LuxTrust

Compliant And Secure

One of the important features which distinguishes it from other existing e-signature platforms is the possibility to use predefined documents that are approved and legally certified by CIGDL. Not only does the platform allow real estate professionals across the board to make use of these standardised contracts, it also allows them to upload their own contracts and documents.

In addition to ensuring full compliance under existing European Union (EU) laws and adhering to the “electronic identification, authentication, and trust services” (eIDAS), the platform also helps guide users through the necessary steps to fill in the documents, which, in the words of Jean-Paul Scheuren “saves the real estate market in Luxembourg considerable amounts of time [and] reduces errors”.

According to internal kodehyve user data, their new platform saves users an average of 16-24€ in costs per transaction, improves productivity by more than 85%, and reduces errors due to incomplete data by up to 80%.

A New Industry Standard

Known for its collaboration tool, it comes as no surprise that kodehyve partnered with AWS and LuxTrust to ensure the highest technical stability, security and scalability. By working with LuxTrust, users of the platform can rely on a simple and advanced e-signature solution without actually needing a LuxTrust certificate to sign the documents.

“The e-signature platform developed by kodehyve and CIGDL is a great milestone for the continued digital transformation of an important economic sector in Luxembourg. It is with great pleasure that LuxTrust is providing some of its long-standing online security and identification services to this solution that is set to increase the efficiency and quality of the whole local market,” adds Fabrice Aresu, CEO of LuxTrust.

Having recently gone from 4 to 12 employees, kodehyve continues to work silently behind the scenes only to reappear on stage every few months with some exciting news. Now that they have graduated from Fit4Start, where they “refined their international expansion strategy”, the team is adamant to first “excel at what we do in Luxembourg” before launching their product abroad.

If their e-signature platform delivers on its promise, this might very well be sooner rather than later.

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