Kodehyve: Creating An Ecosystem Of Solutions

Founded in 2020 by Julien Casse, co-founder and CTO, and Felix Hemmerling, co-founder, and CEO, kodehyve is keen to leave its mark on Luxembourg’s PropTech sector. Having already raised €1 Million in Seed Round, they are now working hard towards creating a fully integrated ecosystem of solutions for real estate developers.

Photo: Julien Casse and Felix Hemmerling / Image Credits: kodehyve

“What we are building is a variety of applications that will be able to communicate together and are grouped in one single ecosystem,” says Julien Casse.

However, building such an ecosystem of solutions is no easy task and requires a couple of key ingredients: the right Technology, Openness from the public sector, a keen understanding of UX, and, most importantly a good Team.

Built With AWS

Julien and Felix knew that getting the foundation right would be key to building a fully functional ecosystem of solutions. For kodehyve this meant using the right technology – in their case Amazon Web Services (AWS). Doing so would not only set them apart from their competition but also give them some key advantages.

“AWS enables us to really have the flexibility to add a lot of microservices and micro applications around our tool, and also really scale the platform as a whole,” says Julien Casse.

Having previously worked in FinTech, both Julien and Felix were keenly aware of how important getting the UX right was. Compared to FinTech, the real estate sector’s emphasis on UX is just “really, really low,” says Julien.

Julien and Felix specifically built their collaboration tool with AWS because they knew it would help their solution stand out in terms of UX. Indeed, the flexibility AWS provides allows kodehyve to adapt their solution to their clients’ changing needs which prevents their clients’ from having to navigate a solution overflowing with unnecessary add-ons.

“The Team-as-a-service is the main value proposition we have.”

The Human Element

Creating an ecosystem of solutions not only requires a deep understanding of the technology behind it but also of the sector the solution is created for. That’s why kodehyve puts a lot of emphasis on creating a Team that’s well versed in the ins and outs of Luxembourg’s real estate market.

When kodehyve bills themselves as a “Team-as-a-Service” they mean it. Before starting to work with a company they perform an in-depth audit after which they dedicate themselves to being the long-term, custom-fit solution for their client.

“The Team-as-a-Service is the main value proposition we have. Because we really offer that long-term support and a close relationship with the client and not just a mass solution,” says Felix Hemmerling.

To fulfil their mission of creating an ecosystem of solutions they need one last ingredient: openness from the public players in real estate.

“It’s a sector that’s so protected, so old school and so traditional,” says Julien. “And that’s where definitely there needs to be also some kind of pressure or some kind of openness from those players to play a part in this digital transformation wave,” concludes co-founder & CTO.

This article is brought to you by kodehyve and was first published in Silicon Luxembourg magazine. Get your copy.

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