kodehyve Launches Belgian Expansion From Realty Summit

from left to right: koedhyve’s co-founders Julien Casse (CTO) and Felix Hemmerling (CEO) (© kodehyve)

Having already collaborated with key players in the Belgian market, the Luxembourg contech now feels ready to take the next step in its European expansion and introduce its products to the Belgian real estate ecosystem.

While kodehyve started out as a collaboration tool for the real estate industry in 2020, it has quickly turned into a full operating system over two fundraising rounds, three years of development and collaborations with established law firms and Luxtrust and the CIGDL.

These developments have not gone unnoticed by Sifted which selected the Luxembourg contech as one of the top 102 European Construction Tech ventures and 122 B2B ventures to watch. To keep with this momentum, kodehyve has decided to expanding its product suite to the Belgian market, starting at Realty – a Belgium real estate Summit taking place from 19-20 September.

“We are excited to take this strategic step forward by extending our reach to the Belgian market,” said Felix Hemmerling, CEO of kodehyve. “Our growth in Luxembourg has provided us with the required insights to bring our product suite to Belgium. We recognise the similarities between the two markets and are thrilled to help drive the digital transformation and streamlining of the AEC ecosystem in Belgium.” 

As many property developers already operate across both Luxembourg and Belgium, kodehyve is well-positioned to serve the needs of both markets and ease its transition into the Belgian one. With Codic Group, a prominent property developer headquartered in Brussels, recently onboarded as a client, kodehyve appears to be making good headway. 

Next to hosting a talk and showcasing its products at Realty, kodehyve will also conduct a roadshow across the country to introduce its solutions and exchange with property developers and industry professionals.

“We chase after gaining a deeper insight into the Belgian market so as to further adapt our product to this market’s future needs,” said Felix.

Seeing as internationalisation has always been the aim of the game for kodehyve, this next step marks a significant turning point for the Luxembourg contech and will no doubt help the company refine its product and give it an indication of where it fits in on the international scale. 

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