Label R: Finance With A Conscience

Label R is a consulting agency that offers a risk analysis method and a digital due diligence tool for asset managers and companies. Founded by Oriane Schoonbroodt, an entrepreneur connected to the real world as much as to digital tools, it strives to guide financial companies towards a virtuous, sustainable and conscious path.

Photo: Entrepreneur Oriane Schoonbroodt is convinced that finance can contribute to a better society / Credits © Label-R

Are your investments ethically acceptable? How can you support the fight against global warming, or the fight against child labor? Can your company participate in sustainable and socially virtuous projects?

The startup Label R provides a range of services from ESG (Environmental and Social Governance criteria) strategy development, to the integration of ESG factors in the investment analysis and decision process, to risk and materiality assessment, to the implementation of ESG management systems and due diligence processes. Label R undoubtedly provides a guarantee of quality that greatly reduces reputational risk and adds value to the company that obtains it.

“The first effects of ESG actions will be measurable in more than two years, or even longer, as time does not move at the same pace for the planet as for people.”

A committed entrepreneur, not an activist

Oriane Schoonbroodt is a former diplomat and senior policy advisor at the European Parliament and the United Nations, where she was in charge of the Human Rights Committee.

An active entrepreneur, she is also convinced that finance can contribute to a better society. She founded Label R in 2018 with the aim of influencing ethical responsibility, environmental awareness and sustainable investing. The “R” in the brand name stands for reputation, risk and responsibility.

“Finance is already engaged in a new era, it’s not a trend, it’s an obligation especially since the Paris agreements and the Sustainable Development Goals, but also with the new European regulation” (such as Taxonomy, SFDR, integration of ESG risks in AIFMD-UCITS, Mifid, Solvency II…ed.). This movement has been reinforced with the current crisis. “The Covid period showed that the companies that performed best in 2020 were those that had anticipated health and social risks.

Charisma without a tie

Oriane talks about “holistic responsibility” because it is about understanding risks as a whole, all working towards better finance, for a better world. Idealistic? More like a visionary, and in our society where the suit and tie has a hard beard, being a woman who challenges conventional wisdom is progress in itself.

“At the beginning, I had a hard time getting my ideas across. I was the woman who talked about something that nobody was interested in! But the legislation helped me. You have to understand that today’s Millennials will own 2/3 of the world’s wealth tomorrow.

Among them, many women at the head of family offices, enlightened men, with a conscience awakened from their early youth. What the European Union is asking from companies and financial actors is to be transparent. And to be aware of it. “The first effects of ESG actions will be measurable in more than two years, or even longer, as time does not move at the same pace for the planet as for people. It is always complicated to evaluate the qualitative. It is certainly not just a matter of numbers…”

Useful figures:
  • ESG Asset under Manager count for $30 trillions
  • Millennials are poised to receive more than $30 trillion of inheritable wealth
  • Women- who will hold 32% of global wealth by 2020, are set to invest more than $2.3 trillion for social causes by 2021
  • A considerable gender gap still exists, with females (33%) embracing ESG at a higher rate than males (21%)

Source: Forbes “Millionaires And Millennials: How The Next Generation Of Wealthy Manages Their Money”

This article was first published in Silicon Luxembourg magazine. Read our full Fintech edition.

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